Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Gene Deal Thinks Feds Seized ‘Freak Off’ Tapes of Celebs, Politicians, Preachers

Sean "Diddy" Combs and Gene Deal. (Credit: Shutterstock and YouTube)

As Sean “Diddy” Combs fights lawsuits on multiple fronts, and a federal investigation into alleged sex trafficking, his former bodyguard Gene Deal thinks Combs’ celebrity friends should also be worried.

Deal did security work for Bad Boy Records and was with Combs the night Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in 1997.

The ex-bodyguard wrote the book Gene Deal My World of Bodyguarding a Hip-Hop Star: The Last Big Night, and frequently does interviews about the sexual abuse lawsuits against Combs.

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He sat down with “The Art of Dialogue” YouTube channel for an interview posted on April 3, to discuss what federal agents may have seized during the March 25 raids on Combs’ mansions in Los Angeles and Miami.

Deal mentioned claims made in Cassie Ventura’s lawsuit about “freak off” encounters involving sex workers. He also brought up a claim music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones made in his lawsuit against Combs, saying the music mogul has hidden recording devices throughout his homes.

“Can you imagine, he had every room bugged,” Deal said in the interview.

In his words, there was “all kinds of crazy s–t” happening at Combs’ infamous parties and some of the people who attended are probably concerned.

Deal was asked why so few celebrities have made public statements defending Combs.

“Either they took part in some of the stuff that happened, or they’re scared that it may mess up their brand. Nobody wants to be in contact with anybody that allegedly was sex trafficking,” Deal said.

He added that some very famous people are probably “shook” about any videos Homeland Security Investigations agents may have seized.

“I don’t think it’s only celebrities that are going to be shook. He had politicians in there. He had princes in there. He also had a couple of preachers in there,” Deal said while laughing.

Combs is at the center of a string of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse, sex trafficking, harassment and other crimes.

The music mogul has maintained his innocence and has not been charged with a crime.

Watch Gene Deal’s interview below:

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