Ellen DeGeneres and DJ tWitch Share Emotional Moment Before Final Episode (Video)

Ellen and DJ Twitch (Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

It’s been a decade since Ellen DeGeneres introduced viewers to her favorite “Fake DJ” Stephen Boss — better known as DJ tWitch, and a day before The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended its run on Thursday, the TV host showed her appreciation to her sidekick.

In an emotional video tribute on Wednesday, DeGeneres walked everyone through how she met tWitch and some of the best moments they had together on the show.

“I used to be a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, and I wanted to do a dance. So, the producers of So You Think You Can Dance set me up with tWitch,” she expressed on the video. “tWitch came over to my house and he helped me try to copy it. We bonded over learning to dance together.”

tWitch is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer, and was the runner-up on SYTYCD in 2008.

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Throughout the video Ellen talked about how much tWitch changed her life when he arrived in 2013, and quickly became her sidekick. That’s the year she introduced tWitch as her guest DJ on season 11.

“Whenever he’s not here for whatever reason, it’s just different. I count on him to look over at and make silly jokes. He’s my pal. He’s my sidekick, because we have this connection,” said DeGeneres.

Toward the end of the video, DeGeneres was teary-eyed and told tWitch he’ll never be out of her life. The video ended with a still image of Ellen and tWitch hugging while walking off the set.

When the camera returned back to Ellen, she handed tWitch a framed photo with that same picture seen at the end of the video. An emotional tWitch responded, “I came here to dance one time and now I’ve gained a family.”

In Ellen’s signature style, she ended the segment with laughter by telling tWtich, “You’re a fake DJ, but you’re a real good man.”

The talk show wrapped up Thursday after 19 seasons and more than 60 daytime Emmy Awards. The Ellen DeGeneres Show premiered in 2003 and aired more than 3,000 episodes.

Watch the video below: