Drew Sidora Sings Breakup Song to Estranged Husband Ralph Pittman on ‘RHOA’ Reunion

Drew Sidora Sings on RHOA Reunion (Credit: Bravo)

Drew Sidora shed tears, argued with estranged husband Ralph Pittman, and belted out a breakup song on part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 reunion.

After a season of back-and-forth cheating accusations, Drew confronted Ralph, who joined the reunion (to boost ratings), to share his side of what caused their marriage to collapse.

Before taking a seat on the set, Ralph got ready in hair and makeup. His “cousin,” RHOA newbie Courtney Rhodes, walked into the makeup room and said: “Drew has a problem, she’s a compulsive liar. You love her, I get it, but you can’t keep allowing someone to disrespect you.”

Ralph nodded in agreement and waited for his moment to confront Drew.

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But first, reunion host Andy Cohen congratulated Kandi Burruss for getting nominated for Tony and Emmy Awards.

Andy tossed to a video montage of Kandi and Marlo Hampton going from being friends to enemies. Marlo said Kandi wasn’t there for her after Marlo’s nephew got shot.

“It bothered me,” Marlo told Kandi. “I expected more from you.”

Kandi said the real issue — Marlo is jealous of her success.

“You have been against me so many times. You are always jealous of how things go well for me,” Kandi said.

“You sound crazy,” Marlo responded.

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After a short break, Andy welcomed Ralph to the set. Andy told the audience Drew and Ralph still live in the same house even though they’ve split up.

“What are your rules about living under the same roof?” Andy asked.

An uncomfortable Drew refused to answer. She then turned her attention to Ralph and asked why he was at the reunion.

“First and foremost I’ve loved my wife with all my heart, and the reason why I’m here today is because actually I really want to make sure that my kids have the correct representation of who their father is,” Ralph said. “It’s a lot of things that Drew has said that are actually slanderous. It’s not right. It’s not real.”

Drew said Ralph had repeatedly embarrassed her by stepping out with other women.

Ralph showed a range of reactions and denied he cheated. The two argued about what led to their dual divorce filings after nearly 9 years of marriage.

“You’ve always chosen other women over me,” Drew said.

Andy played clips from Drew and Ralph’s relationship over the past three years that they’ve been on the show, and asked the status of their divorce. Ralph said they’re going through mediation.

Drew said Ralph quit marriage counseling and blocked the doctor’s phone calls because the doctor was “holding you accountable.”

Ralph turned the tables and said Drew’s assistant told him she had an affair with WNBA star Ty Young before filing for divorce.

Drew didn’t believe the assistant would be so messy, but Kandi confirmed he’d been telling people Drew had a relationship with Ty.

To prove Ralph was a cheater, Drew handed Andy her phone and showed him an explicit message she said another woman sent Ralph. The other housewives asked Andy what was on the phone.

“This is a [picture of] a woman with a big a– saying, ‘Are you going to bring me back that d—?'” Andy said.

“That’s what I’ve been going through over the years,” Drew said.

Ralph insisted the message wasn’t real.

“It’s a catphish,” he said. “The person actually texted me, then they texted Drew the same exact photo.”

Drew accused Ralph of passing along copies of private messages to Shereé Whitfield, which Ralph denied. He then accused Drew of hooking up with multiple women.

“I’ve seen a lot of evidence behind it,” Ralph said. “The streets have been talking a lot.”

Kenya Moore was bothered by the situation and tried to reason with Ralph.

“I’m just trying to get you to see things from a different perspective that’s not coming from Drew, but someone who’s lived in a situation like that,” Kenya said, referring to her split from husband Marc Daly.

Ralph dismissed Kenya, telling her she was only married for a brief period.

At one point Drew walked off the set in tears, saying she couldn’t take Ralph’s manipulation.

Sanya Richards-Ross went to Drew’s dressing room and convinced her to return to the set.

Drew came back and sang a song she wrote about her breakup with Ralph called “Throw Us Away.”

She poured her heart out in the song and at times sang directly in Ralph’s face.

“That was awkward,” Kandi said.

Andy agreed.

Watch the video of Drew Sidora arguing with Ralph above.