Cedric the Entertainer Warns Dave Chappelle Is on Verge of ‘Canceling Himself’

Cedric the Entertainer (Credit: Shutterstock)

Cedric the Entertainer shared his thoughts about Dave Chappelle’s controversial comments in Netflix’s The Closer during a recent radio interview.

Cedric appeared on Instagram Live with the Domenick Nati Show and said, “Once you feel you’re un-cancellable, or you think that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take to say something that you really want to say.”  

The Neighborhood star and producer continued, “You can find out that people will cancel your a—.” 

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Nati then mentioned Chappelle and Cedric reiterated his point. “That’s my point. He will end up canceling himself if he feels like nobody can cancel him,” Cedric said. 

“If you think you’re bigger and better than everybody, you literally start believing that, then people will start to go, ‘You know what? Then f— you dog.’ That’s a slippery slope in this world we live in. People are concerned that he is trying to go over the top right now,” he added.

Despite Cedric’s comments, other comedians have defended Chappelle, including Damon Wayans and Bill Bellamy, who told Urban Hollywood 411 “everyone’s so sensitive.”

Chappelle sparked anger, particularly among the transgender community, when the special began streaming on Oct. 5. During his stand-up routine, he said: “Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact.”

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The backlash was immediate. Frustrated Netflix employees and their supporters held a walkout at the streamer’s offices in Los Angeles in protest on Oct. 20.

Still, Chappelle has support from Netflix brass. Earlier this month, he was added to the lineup of the streamer’s 11-day “Netflix Is A Joke” comedy festival. The star-studded event will run from April 28 to May 8, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Watch Cedric’s full interview below.