Lifetime’s ‘Boy in the Walls’ Trailer Teases Family Nightmare Inspired by True Stories (Video)

Boy in the Walls (Credit: Lifetime)

Lifetime has released the trailer for Boy in the Walls, a horrifying new film about one family’s uninvited guest.

Directed and executive produced by Emmy-nominated actress Constance Zimmer, the film follows Alisa Jensen (Ryan Michelle Bathe), a recently married woman who leaves behind her city life to settle in rural Connecticut with her family.

As Alisa navigates her new role as a stepmother to Maya (Cassandra Sawtell) and Theo (Mikkal Karim-Fidler), her husband’s frequent time away from home starts to take a toll.

However, what begins as ordinary family adjustments soon turns into a living nightmare when Alisa starts hearing strange and unnerving noises coming from the walls of her new home.

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The trailer for Boy in the Walls builds on this ominous premise, saying the film’s storyline is inspired by true events that were “ripped from the headlines.”

A mysterious figure is introduced in the first scene of the trailer, making it clear that Alisa and her family are being secretly watched from behind the walls of their home.

Alisa’s paranoia intensifies, leaving her convinced that there’s more to the family’s new home than meets the eye.

She desperately attempts to convey her fears to her husband and stepchildren. “There’s something wrong with this house,” she says at one point in the trailer — but it seems her warnings may already be too late.

Boy in the Walls marks Constance Zimmer’s directorial debut, after starring in Lifetime’s Peabody-winning series UnReal, as well as performances in Big Sky and House of Cards.

“I’m grateful to Lifetime for giving me the opportunity to executive produce and direct my first feature with them,” Zimmer previously shared in a statement. “They continue to be incredibly supportive of me, who could ask for anything more?”

Boy in the Walls premieres Saturday, Aug. 5 at 8p/7c on Lifetime.

Watch the trailer for the film below: