‘Boy in the Walls’ Gets Summer Premiere Date on Lifetime

Boy in the Walls (Credit: Lifetime)

The terrifying new film Boy in the Walls is set to premiere Aug. 5 on Lifetime, the network announced this week.

The movie is inspired by the “phrogging” phenomenon — where someone discovers a person is secretly living inside their home.

The film stars Ryan Michelle Bathe (End Game, Sylvie’s Love), Luke Camilleri (Hemlock Grove) Cassandra Sawtell (Disappearance in Yellowstone), and Mikkal Karim-Fidler (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). Jonathan Whitesell (The X-Files) plays Joe, who is secretly watching the family.

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Jonathan Whitesell plays a man secretly living inside another family's home in Boy in the Walls. (Credit: Lifetime)
The movie centers on a man secretly living inside another family’s home. (Credit: Lifetime)

The film follows recently married Alisa Jensen (Bathe), who gives up her Manhattan lifestyle to move to rural Connecticut with her family.

Alisa struggles to adjust to her new life, including being a stepmom to Maya (Sawtell) and Theo (Karim-Fidler), but hopes the move will help.

When Alisa begins to hear strange noises in the house, she gets a feeling someone is watching her. She later makes a horrifying discovery of what is inside the walls.

The film is executive produced and directed by Emmy-nominated actress Constance Zimmer (Big Sky, House of Cards), who made her directorial debut on the Peabody-winning Lifetime series UnReal.

“I’m grateful to Lifetime for giving me the opportunity to executive produce and direct my first feature with them. They continue to be incredibly supportive of me, who could ask for anything more?” Zimmer said in a previous statement.

The original film is produced by Lighthouse Pictures for Lifetime. Additional executive producers include Manu Boyer, Kevin Leeson, Shawn Williamson and Jamie Goehring. Katrina Onstad and David Weaver wrote the script.

Boy in the Walls premieres Saturday, Aug. 5 at 8p/7c on Lifetime.