‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion: Evelyn Calls Jackie a ‘Fraud,’ Clayanna Goes Nuclear on Jennifer

Basketball Wives Season 11 Reunion (Credit: VH1)

The Basketball Wives season 11 reunion brought clashes, name-calling, and questions about why one longtime cast member is still on the show.

This week’s reunion opened with host John Salley saying Vanessa Rider was “unable” to join the ladies. Vanessa skipped the taping, but series newcomers Brittany Renner and her bestie Clayanna Warthen were there and set off plenty of fireworks.

Jackie Christie looked disgusted from the start. Shaunie Henderson made a brief appearance. Evelyn Lozada told off some of the other ladies and Jennifer Williams clashed with Clayanna.

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Reaction to Evelyn’s Return
John Salley stirred the pot by asking the women their thoughts on Evelyn returning for season 11, after taking a break from the reality show.

Jennifer said she’s known Evelyn for over two decades and they have a “long history.” Brooke Bailey praised Evelyn for being supportive when Brooke’s 25-year-old daughter, Kayla Bailey, was killed in a car accident in 2022.

Evelyn then explained why she decided to come back. “We’ve been here since the beginning, since Miami started. I feel like [LA] is my baby too, along with Shaunie and everyone else who has participated on the show,” she said.

Jackie closed her eyes and sighed while Evelyn talked.

“When I heard that she was coming back, I was excited about it. But there was a point that me or Jennifer weren’t really with it,” Jackie said.

According to Jackie, they were concerned because Evelyn did a media appearance and said the show wasn’t worth watching without her on it. “That was kind of hurtful to us,” Jackie said.

Evelyn insisted Jackie wasn’t being “truthful” and Mrs. Doug Christie only pretends to be supportive. Brooke nodded in agreement and said, “Correct.”

Jackie flipped her hair and responded, “I’m going to be calm because I promised myself that I would.”

Evelyn started to yell, prompting Jackie to call her “jealous” of Jackie’s businesses and marriage — suggesting she’s a real basketball wife and not a baby mama. Evelyn fired back, “You’re a fraud, just like the trainer you were f–king on the cast trip. Bye girl!”

Jac’Eil Duckworth’s jaw dropped, but she stayed out of it. Jackie told Evelyn she was spouting off “bulls–t.”

“The b–h is here on my platform,” Jackie said. “LA is Jackie Christie.”

Why Is Shaunie Still on the Show?
Shaunie returned for the first few minutes of the reunion. She told John she’s settled in and embraced her life in Texas with new husband, pastor Keion Henderson.

“I’m the happiest I have probably ever been. He’s just an amazing human being,” Shaunie said. “The life we’re building together, I feel myself being a better person and I’m proud of me.”

That was Brooke’s cue to start some mess.

“I’m so appreciative of the opportunity, Shaunie, but Jackie forgot to mention that she said she doesn’t even know why you’re still here,” Brooke said out of the blue. She repeated several things Jackie had told her, including that Shaunie should be on a show about preachers’ wives instead of Basketball Wives.

Shaunie laughed and said she doesn’t “entertain negativity.” She called Jackie “defensive” about the rivalry between the stars of the Miami and Los Angeles BBW franchises [before the shows were combined], and said she wasn’t surprised to hear Jackie was talking ish about her behind her back.

Shaunie told Jackie, “What was a surprise, was that you thought these people were going to be loyal to you and not tell me.”

Jackie refused to argue, but she did reveal why the veteran cast members were at each others throats after mostly getting along throughout the season. Jackie said they’d exchanged words via text and on X (formerly Twitter) about a billboard for the series that did not include Jackie or Brooke.

Shaunie didn’t explain why the women were left off the billboard, but she reminded them that she’s an executive producer on the show.

“This is business, it’s not personal for me. My name comes on the credits. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody,” Shaunie said.

Brittany Explains Why She Bailed on the Show 
Brittany and Clayanna then sat down. John welcomed the pair to their first BBW reunion, especially after Brittany quit the show before the season ended.

John asked the influencer, author, fitness model, and mom why she even signed up for reality TV.

“I don’t question the platforms that I’m called to. When this opportunity arose, I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to attend and see what I learn here,'”  she said. “I’ve learned a lot.”

Evelyn said things “started off good,” when Brittany joined the cast, but then something “switched.” Evelyn asked Brittany why she doesn’t follow the other women on social media.

“I don’t even follow the Basketball Wives social media,” Brittany told her. “I don’t want to see any of that s–t. It’s a constant reminder of trauma! Literally, I shake when I watch the episodes.”

Brooke insisted the ladies had shown Brittany “grace,” but she didn’t reciprocate. Brittany pointed to Evelyn, Jennifer and Brooke — who were seated together on the same sofa and said they were never welcoming.

“If that energy from day one was just like how they are now, it would have been a totally different experience,” Brittany said. She accused the women of talking trash on social media.

“The energy that I’m getting from that couch is completely different than the Twitter thuggin’ online,” Brittany said. “I’m befuddled. I feel hoodwinked. I feel bamboozled because all three of you guys, that’s the Twitter thug couch over there.”

Clayanna Drags Jennifer and Her Fiancé
John said there was drama with Clayanna “from the jump” because no one knew where she came from or why she was on the show.

“I asked her where she came from because this is her first time at the rodeo. You’re not used to doing TV,” Jennifer said. “You’re not used to doing Basketball Wives. We have an audience and it needs to make sense to the audience.”

“That’s not your job! Clay told Jen. The two started arguing and Jen said, “We still don’t know where you came from!”

“You’re a dummy!” Clayanna shot back, prompting Jennifer to reply, “I graduated with honors, I’m not a dummy.”

“B—h I got two degrees,” Clayanna told her. She then mocked Jennifer for going on social media in 2020 and admitting she’d been “scammed” by an ex.

“How’d you graduate with degrees, yet somebody got you for $40,000, a Range Rover, and a dog? Bye! You might want to check their accreditation, because you’re dumb as a bag of nails,” Clayanna told Jennifer.

Jen then called Clay a “side b—h” and bragged that she’s a “whole f–king fiancée” after her boyfriend Christian proposed on the season finale. [Christian also admitted he’d previously been jailed for two different crimes, including “grand theft auto”].

Clayanna shot back, “He’s a f–king scammer! Nobody wants him b—h!”

John changed the subject and asked Clayanna if she wanted to apologize for pushing Jennifer earlier in the season.

“No,” she said.

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