‘Basketball Wives’ Season 10 Returning With New Episodes Filled With Conflict

Basketball Wives Season 10 (Credit: VH1)

The midseason premiere of Basketball Wives debuts on Feb. 13, with “open hearts and open minds,” according to the opening of the new trailer.

Season 10 picks up right where it left off, with a lot of conflict between returning cast members Angel, Brandi, Brittish, Brooke, Duffey, Jackie, Jennifer, and Malaysia.

VH1 says the following about the new episodes, “Loyalty runs deep amongst the group, but even the strongest friendships face obstacles navigating life, love, relationships, conflicts, and everything in between, putting their bonds to the test.”

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There will be plenty of drama, including Brittish facing jail time after federal prosecutors accused her of using false social security numbers to obtain loans, lines of credit and other funds from banks.

“I am still facing fraud charges,” says Brittish while wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet in the trailer. “I could go to jail.”

In another part of the video, Brooke gets emotional while talking about family problems. “My husband broke our whole family apart,” she says.

[Watch the season 10 trailer below]

Malaysia warns the ladies to stay out of her personal life. “If I don’t invite you in my business, don’t be in it,” she says.

While Brandi fights with Duffey. “You are a weirdo!” Brandi says, then asks to turn the cameras off.

Jackie gets caught up in a fight and says, “You started some shit.”

Jennifer seems to be happy in her new relationship saying, “It’s been a minute since I felt good about being in a relationship.”

But she gets drawn into the drama. “Since you want the smoke, I’m bringing all the f–ing fire,” says Jennifer before the end of the trailer.

The series is produced by Truly Original and Shed Media. From Truly Original the executive producers are Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Julie “Bob” Lombardi, Lyndee Brown, Markus Burns, Vinnie Kaufmann and James Davis. Shaunie Henderson also serves as an executive producer. Jennifer Aguirre and Paula Aranda executive produce for VH1.

The new episodes of Basketball Wives begin airing on Monday, Feb. 13, at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1.