‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Insists, Again, Tami Started the Evelyn Rumor

Basketball Wives (Credit: VH1)

Jennifer is sticking with the story that she didn’t start the rumor about Evelyn and Shaunie’s ex on Basketball Wives.

On Monday night’s episode of the VH1 reality series, Shaunie brought the ladies together for a beachfront breakfast, hoping to get to the bottom of who started the rumor (after Tami told her about it).

Tami said she and Jen discussed it about a year ago, when Jen wasn’t speaking to Evelyn.

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Tami insisted during the gathering that Jen started the chatter, but Jen said it was Tami who initiated the Evelyn smear campaign.

“Several people in Miami asked me about it and Tami asked me about it,” Jennifer said.

But Tami wasn’t having it.

“I heard that s— from you! I ain’t never heard that s— before!” Tami shot back. “So, the fact that you sittin’ up here trying to say I asked you, that ain’t even accurate.”

Tami then accused Jen of “lyin through those crusty a– lips.”

The day after the episode aired, Jen took to Twitter to insist it wasn’t her who started it.

“The whole thing started when Tami called me up telling me a bunch of sh-t Evelyn supposedly was doing to me,” Jen tweeted. “And that’s how she reeled me in!”

Jen followed the tweet up with a second post, saying: “I just gotta laugh, because I know the real story.”

The rumor was that Evelyn allegedly slept with Shaunie’s ex.

Evelyn tearfully denied betraying Shaunie that way, and said it was a complete lie.

Shaunie was furious with the ladies for spreading rumors about her family, and said she reached out to her ex and he laughed it off because it wasn’t true.

But with neither Jennifer nor Tami taking ownership of the rumor, we still don’t know who’s responsible.

Tami said she had receipts, and showed Shaunie an old text message exchange to prove that it was Jennifer who started the mess. But Shaunie still couldn’t say for sure who was to blame.

That’s where former basketball wife Royce Reed comes in.

Last week, when VH1 teased that the rumor was about to explode, Royce took to Instagram to offer her input in a since-deleted post.

“Tami Roman is still my girl and she’s NOT A liar! Ain’t sh-t changed! I got the messages too. Gnite. #TeamTami,” Royce wrote.

Looks like Jennifer is looking real guilty right about now.

But even if Jen did start it, Tami took the nastiness to another level by accusing Evelyn of making up her domestic violence allegation against her former husband, ex-NFL player Chad Johnson.

Evelyn later released a statement on Twitter saying “I know my truth… that’s all that matters.”

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