B. Smith’s Husband Says Girlfriend ‘Took Off’ After Wife’s Death

B Smith, Dan Gasby and Alex Lerner (Credit: Instagram)

Nearly two years after making headlines by going public with his girlfriend — while his wife B. Smith battled Alzheimer’s disease — Dan Gasby says the situation has changed.

In a new interview on “Successful Philanthropy with host Jean Shafiroff,” Gasby revealed he is no longer romantically involved with girlfriend Alex Lerner.

“She took off and you know, whatever. I wish her well,” he said.

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Before B. Smith passed away in February at age 70, Gasby claimed that she approved of his relationship with Lerner. The East Hampton socialite was reportedly living in the house Gasby shared with his wife, however, he insists Lerner never moved in.

“She never lived there,” Gasby told Shafiroff. “We had seven bedrooms. There was a room where she could stay and put stuff.”

He said B. Smith’s fan’s reacted angrily to his relationship with Lerner because she is white.

“Because of the racial situation, the press and certain people had a field day with that,” he said. “My wife dated white men, Asian men. I dated white, Black, whatever. Some people are not comfortable with that and they took it upon themselves. But Alex Lerner never lived in my house. She was there on weekends, twice a month, and I’d go into town and I’d stay at her place on occasion. But it was such a hot topic for a lot of people who deal in salaciousness.”

In a January 2019 interview with The Washington Post, Gasby said Lerner regularly spent time at his family home, and she even helped care for Smith. He described the situation as “If This Is Us and Modern Family came together, it would be us.”

Gasby, a former television executive, was married to B. Smith for 27 years. He served as her business partner and helped oversee the model, author, television host and lifestyle guru’s multi-million dollar empire.

B. Smith was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2013. As previously reported, Gasby raised eyebrows with pictures on social media that made it appear his wife and girlfriend were friends.

Gasby has maintained that Lerner was “very kind to B.”  As for his breakup, he told Shafiroff: “Life has a way of — whatever you deserve you’ll ultimately get and that’s fine.”

Watch the interview below. Gasby’s comments about Lerner start near the 17:20 mark.