Michelle Obama Denounces Trump’s ‘Scorn’ for Black People, Urges Biden Support (Video)

YouTube video

Former first lady Michelle Obama released a “Closing Argument” for Joe Biden Tuesday, denouncing President Donald Trump while urging voters to support Biden.

In a video released on YouTube by the Biden campaign, Obama cited Trump’s “mismanagement” of the COVID-19 pandemic, his tax cuts benefiting the wealthy, and she said the president has shown “scorn” for Black people amid protests across the nation over racial injustice.

“The President and his allies are trying to tap into that frustration and distract from his breathtaking failures by giving folks someone to blame other than them,” she said. “They’re stoking fears about Black and Brown Americans, lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation — and they’re pinning it all on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity.”

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A day after Trump was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center — where he was treated for coronavirus — Obama rebuked his response to the COVID-19 crisis, which began in March.

“Seven months later, he still won’t wear a mask consistently and encourage others to do the same, even when those simple actions could save countless lives,” she said. “Instead, he continues to gaslight the American people by acting like this pandemic is not a real threat.”

Obama told voters, too much is at stake for Trump to remain in office.

“We can no longer pretend that we don’t know exactly who and what this president stands for. Search your hearts, and your conscience, and then vote for Joe Biden like your lives depend on it,” she said.

Watch the video above.