Arsenio Hall Jokes About Being Confused With Wesley Snipes on Netflix Special

Arsenio Hall is back.

The actor and comedian has a new stand-up special on Netflix titled Smart & Classy. In the hour-long special, Hall jokes about getting older, social issues, and the horror of losing his cell phone.

“I misplaced my phone and got heart palpitations,” Hall says in the above preview clip. “I left my son in the mall when he was little and didn’t get heart palpitations.

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He also riffs on being confused with Blade actor Wesley Snipes.

“I walked in a restaurant recently and there’s a couple sitting in the front booth and she has that knowing look,” Hall says. “I gave her some Arsenio sh-t, I did that (he does his signature arm gesture). As I walked away, I heard her say to her husband, ‘honey, it was the guy from Blade.'”

Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy is the Hollywood veteran’s very first stand-up special.

It arrives globally on Netflix on Tuesday, Oct. 29.