Zac Efron Sparks Outrage With ‘Just for Fun’ Dreadlocks

Zac Efron (Credit: Deposit Photos)

Zac Efron may want to consider a new hairdo after his latest look set off a social media storm.

The Neighbors actor sparked outrage on Instagram when he posted a picture of himself Thursday sporting dreadlocks.

Efron captioned the black-and-white image “just for fun.”

Just for fun ?

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The post got over a million likes. But some Instagram users were not amused, and accused Efron of appropriating black culture by pretending to wear dreads.

“You have been afforded so much privilege and world experience that should also inform you that dreadlocks on white people are cultural appropriation,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Oh no zac pls do not disrespect other ppl a culture ok great love u.”

Someone else said: “This is a hairstyle SPECIFICALLY ENGINEERED for people whose hair naturally tangles and knots easily and NOT for white ppl who have a movie role coming up or are just doing it ‘for fun.’”

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But others thought Efron’s hair looked cool, and said too much was being made of the whole thing.

“Incoming triggered folk,” one fan warned.

“There is no such thing as cultural appropriation mate. But keep on with your victimization rhetoric,” someone else stated.

Another added: “Beyoncé wears straight blonde hair for fun does that count?”

As fans attacked each other in the comment section, one person suggested everyone needed to chill.

“Ok I think every one just needs to stop that’s how he wants his hair he didn’t ask people to fight about it,” the person said.