Class, Acceptance and Race: These Movies Have Something to Say

Hollywood tends to pack summer with escapist flicks — popcorn movies that have little to do with the real world, unless you consider rampaging dinosaurs a pressing societal problem.

But these five socially-conscious films are sneaking into cinemas, and each has something compelling to say.

Sorry To Bother You
This surrealistic comedy starring Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out) and Tessa Thompson (Creed) is earning rave reviews for wicked social satire that touches on race, class and capitalism.

Stanfield plays Cassius Green, a telemarketer in Oakland whose career takes off once he adopts a “white” telephone voice with customers.

Reviewer Kam Williams of called the film “a thought-provoking social satire marking the scriptwriting and directorial debut of Boots Riley.”

While the movie may not be for everyone because of its far-left leanings, Williams says it’s “entertaining enough to recommend even to members of the 1%.” The film opened July 6.

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Blindspotting (Credit: Lionsgate)
Blindspotting (Credit: Lionsgate)

The dramedy is likewise set in Oakland and takes on similarly timely themes, but with a more dramatic tone. Real-life childhood friends Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal co-wrote, co-produced and co-star in the film, with a gentrifying Bay Area serving as the backdrop to the action.

Diggs plays a man on probation who desperately tries to steer clear of trouble, but finds his future jeopardized when he witnesses a white cop shoot a fleeing black man.

That all-too-realistic scenario gives Blindspotting its bite. The film, set to open July 20,  premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where it received an enthusiastic reception. It also picked up a Directors to Watch award at this year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Far From the Tree
Also opening July 20, is the documentary Far From the Tree. Directed by Rachel Dretzin, it explores families where “the apple fell far from the tree” — in other words, situations where children differ significantly from their parents because of autism, Down Syndrome, dwarfism, transgenderism or other characteristics.

“I describe the documentary as a film that turns your assumptions about difference on their head and makes you realize just how many walls we all put up to people that look and act, behave differently,” Dretzin told Urban Hollywood 411. “It’s a film about one of the few places in the world where you can’t actually avoid people who are different from you, which is your family.”

Based on the book by the same name from Andrew Solomon, Dretzin says the documentary speaks directly to our times.

“At this moment, for a couple of reasons, it’s a particularly urgent message,” she noted. “One obviously being our political climate in which difference seems to be reason for people turning away from each other and building walls and silos and all sorts of things to keep ourselves away from those that are different.”

Science also plays a role in the film.

“Genetic testing and science is advancing at such a rapid pace that we will pretty soon be able to eliminate some of these conditions if we want to,” Dretzin added. “I think the book and the film are really a cry against that and for that kind of beautiful diversity.”

Night Comes On (Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films)
Night Comes On (Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Night Comes On
Jordana Spiro makes her feature directorial debut with the critically-acclaimed Night Comes On, opening on August 3.

Described as a “female revenge drama,” the film revolves around Angel LaMere (played by Dominique Fishback), who after her release from juvenile hall goes on a mission to settle scores with her father. Along for the journey is Angel’s younger sister, Abby (newcomer Tatum Marilyn Hall).

“The harshness of the outside world to the recently incarcerated, for whom life has stalled while everything around them has moved on, is a well-scuffed starting point in cinema,” critic Guy Lodge said in his review for Variety. “It’s rarely a story that has been filtered through a black female gaze, however, and Night Comes On subtly but pointedly differentiates its perspective early on.”

Questions of racism and entrenched white supremacy pervade Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman.

The director’s latest joint is based on the true story of an African-American detective in the 1970s who infiltrated a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado.

“This film to me is a wake-up call,” Lee said at the Cannes Film Festival in May, where the movie made its world premiere. “I know in my heart — I don’t care what the critics say or anybody else — we are on the right side of history with this film.”

BlacKkKlansman was awarded the Grand Prize at Cannes.

It will arrive in theaters on August 10, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left a counter-protester dead.

Anita Bennett contributed to this report.

215 thoughts on “Class, Acceptance and Race: These Movies Have Something to Say

  1. Nothing new. There are have been thousands of these over the past 40 years. There are bundles of race relation movies every single year. It’s becoming way more contentious though. And annoying.

      1. Why is so-called diversity and mass immigration mandated for ALL white populations and ONLY white populations?

        Is open borders the White ‘Privilege’?

        Diversity is not demanded anywhere EXCEPT where white people are.

        It’s code for removing white people ONLY. It’s Geno cide

        Its Anti White

      2. I would not spend a CENT in a movie theater to support these Hollywood Idiots!

      3. You’d think that, but I would bet real money that this crap is what will be shown by every lazy high school teacher to yours and my children in every public school in the country. Movies like these are key to the indoctrination.

      1. Exactly- these will all likely be box office flops. One wonders how HW can continue to afford one financial disaster after another, or why they would want to lose money in the first place.

      2. Hollywood doesn’t care if they lose money pushing their politics of seperation. Saul Alinski tactics at work in Hollywood.

    1. I just ignore them all. The last thing I want my kids to see are mentally Ill people who don’t know what sex they are, or racists pretending that they are not racists while calling Americans names and racial names..
      Move along.. Nothing new to see here. More hollywood bombs coming and they wonder why no one goes to the movies any more.

      1. Agreed. I haven’t been to a movie in YEARS! Now, I have more reasons to continue to not go!

    2. Pretty much this all fits in an agenda to divide and conquer. Some of those involved are after a quick buck and these are puppets whose strings are being pulled by more malevolent puppet masters.

    3. That’s the only things coming to theaters. Nobody is going for the movies, just the air conditioning.

    4. More reasons why we never go to the movies.. we want to be entertained not lectured..

    5. Movies with Messages of how WE think it should be ……..Hollywood is worse than the preacher

    6. They are so bad the will loaded for free on Terrarium tv after their release. Even then I wouldn’t watch them.

    7. Right on.

      Like many others I quit going to the movies when they began unintelligently depicting everything as the opposite of reality, trying to obviously convince their viewers that up is down and vice-versa. The only ones they fool are the super low I.Q. types who have already been brainwashed by the Cultural Marxists in the school system.

      The crazies have had control of Hollywood for quite some time now.

    8. Their just tax write-offs.
      Nobody cares but those reflected in the scripts. The rest of the country are sick of this agenda.

    9. We are so sick of Hollywood’s extreme Left turn into identity politics & they don’t understand why no one is going to theatres anymore! We don’t think like the Left & refuse to be lectured when all we wanted was some innocent entertainment WITHOUT THE POLITICS FORCED UPON US!

    10. 14.1% of US is black. At least 50% of the media, movies, TV, etc. etc. are black so the whites are the ones discriminated against.

    1. Hollyweird making it quite easy for me to continue my boycott of all things tinseltown….

    2. Clearly, this is nothing more than hollyweird’s persistent attempts to advance it’s leftist agenda. There are always some without a moral compass who will pay to see this garbage – most of us won’t, as we haven’t for decades.

  2. I used go to movies to be entertained. Now they want to indoctrinate me

    1. Smart Horror…like Get Out, A Quiet Place and Hereditary…aren’t bad. Good human stories around strange events…and Folk Horror like The Witch…great…worth the trip.

  3. Nice to have a diverse selection of offerings from which to select. All of these quality cinema choices make it difficult to pick which to ignore first. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to pass on each one.

    1. The movie DETROIT was supposed to be great Oscar contender & it was a total bomb. These will follow it to the DVD $1 bin at Wal-Mart.

  4. Thank you Ashkenazi Jews. Thank you for raping the world with your fake banking system. Thank you for running the black slave system from 1400 – 1860 and your historians and scholars have proven it. Thank you for continuing a race war between black and white that should be black and white united against Jews who treat others as slaves. Thank you for owning the cotton farms by over 70% in America. You are such great parasites to the world, bringing joy and Bolshevism for all. Just wanted to thank you for all of that since these are the only things contributions to humankind you have made.

      1. Now that The Chinese Communists finally own Hollywood completely The Communist Totalitarian Propaganda will reign supreme & all of the massive movie bombs will be only be totally by design!!!

    1. Again with the Jew angle. How does that compute? I’ll play along however, let’s say you’re right about the sinister Hollywood plot. The Jew solicits and promote these film types, how does that promote their cause and I’m assuming they have one. And if it’s a race war your talking about how does that work in their favor? Is it $. Is $ the motivation? I’m interested, please fill me in. But, let me also pose this to you. How, do all these films that illustrate racism, even implying it’s as rampant today as it was in days gone by help? Let me help with the answer, the issue is a money tree for the Rev Al Sharpton type.

    2. ave iq 115 way way above everyone else and way, way, way, way, way above other certain groups and the reason for all the simple minded hatred

    3. How about the 3,000 blacks who owned 20,000 black slaves at the height of slavery (1860) in America? I don’t think they were Jews

    4. Thank you, Goyim, for being so theologically and morally weak that you have to maintain the paranoid delusion that 0.2% of the world population controls you in order to explain your failures. This is what happens when you pray to a dead guy on a stick.

      1. “He came to that which was his own but his own did not receive him.” You can tell him when you see him. Life is short, get right.

      2. You mean the man God who shattered your religion and whose murder you are paying for for all eternity? Yeah I will keep believing in the guy on the stick while fate keeps shoving you morons into ovens…

      3. Daniel says that Messiah will be cut off, then the Temple will be destroyed.
        So if Yeshua is not Messiah, the Temple has to be rebuilt, Messiah will come and be cut off, and the Temple will be destroyed again?

      1. Another philo-Semite apologist denying Hollywood ( run by Jews) is pushing an anti-white gentile agenda

    5. Nobody wants to talk about the 60 million white Christians that the Jew Bolsheviks murdered, I wonder why???

  5. I prefer to be entertained. If I feel the urge to watch a movie, I’ll pull out a DVD of, say, Casablanca, Little Shop of Horrors, etc. Social Justice crap simply doesn’t appeal to me.

  6. So that’s how Hollywood decides to combat torrenting? By putting out a bunch of movies that nobody will download? Genius!

  7. Let me write the reviews for you to save you the trouble of wondering what you miss by not seeing any of these – which 99% of you will not:

    Heterosexual white males – bad
    Heterosexual white females – bad, but because we’re sensitive they won’t have parts in these movies
    Black criminals – misunderstood, and likely to be shot/beaten by racist police
    Young black female criminals – misunderstood and likely to have father issues (mostly because they don’t have one)

    And a few tip-off buzz words:
    “socially-conscious” = boring and/or preachy
    “surrealistic comedy” = not going to be funny in the least

    And a tip-off phrase:
    “subtly but pointedly differentiates its perspective” – actually makes no sense, but in the context of this movie, read it as – you will not be able to relate to the characters because they come from a criminal, low morals, single parent culture where the only entertaining story would be one in which a person triumphs over this dismal background. Instead you get a revenge against a parent story that can have nothing but a bad end.

    There, now go see a movie that entertains or uplifts, not depressing left wing fantasies.

    1. ““subtly but pointedly differentiates its perspective””

      Liberals like to use big fancy word salad like that to make them sound intellectually superior to those who are not liberals like them. The problem is, all they do is sound like children who just discovered some new words and overuse them. If you dissect what Hillary has said in some of her campaign rhetoric as well as interviews by media, she likes to put together similar meaningless phrases. It’s comical really when you step back and try and make sense of senseless word salad from leftists.

        “It was a fluid situation.”
        “We didn’t know what the *bleep* was going on.”

      2. James Hawker-they sound like Damon Wayans prison character Oswald Bates in “In Living Color”. Trying to sound smart, but make no sense at all.

  8. Liberal agenda movies always fail, its like they don’t care if they make any money as long as they can bore people with fake nonsense

  9. I’d rather watch the two locked-up dogs in my front yard than any of this garbage. At least the dogs are funny, the howling is sincere and just maybe there will be cute puppies. More movies to ignore and make fun of. I love it how the worst kinds of losers think if they just give something a catchy title it’ll sell tickets. It is all worth watching of course, from the sidelines with a bucket of popcorn and a coke. Or beer depending on your mood and if the dogs have “finished”.

  10. Hollywood maga. Really you can too. We are All equal. US citizens! Everyone else on the planet are Not US citizens and need to wait and get in line.

  11. No matter how hard Hollywood tries to make perversion and mental sickness normal, decent people will never accept it.

    1. When people call it the “Glass Toilet”. Do they take that as a complement?

    2. You have that right! homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, and beastiality need to be put back into the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of mental illnesses. (DSM V). Read up on it but do not use wikipedia it changes by the second.


  13. Remember, the entertainment/artistic industry (movies/TV) are the ‘in’ places to get a job for those of the far left ideology college graduates, which include gays, activists, minorities and others that can fit into a group. NY and California are permeated with this genre and thus most all movies and media narratives have this ideology inserted in their basic beliefs and story telling. Its almost impossible to get a job in these industries if you label yourself a conservative. So don’t expect a ‘conservative’ theme in movies and TV shows.

  14. I gave up on Hollywood years ago when it was already too far left and too preachy/propagandistic for me.

    It’s only gotten worse since then. Hollywood is inhabited completely now by Marxist religious fanatics. Their goal is not to make money anymore. Their goal is to preach their “gospel” to the masses. They make movies not for the public, but for each other.

  15. When plunk down my money to see a movie I am looking to be entertained, not lectured to. All of the aforementioned movies can “talk to the hand,”

  16. When all else fails like declining box office attendance, Hollyweird doubles down on stupid and shoves more SJW nonsense down audience throats. It’s as if they don’t understand there’s a big nation out there outside of the New York City and Los Angeles liberal micro-sphere.

  17. The stories will all be one sided preaching the agenda of Hollywood and the liberals. No one is going to watch them and once again Hollywood will lose money. It is so much fun to watch.

  18. i look at this way. it is there money to waste as we go to the real movies that pay for it! like uncle drew jurassic world or disney anime for the kids not indoctrination, these are for the cities as the real america is out side them!

  19. Liberalism is a like a retarded child. At first it’s cute but then when you have to be near it for any amount of time you have to drown it in the bathtub.

  20. Just more reason to read some really good books. I recommend strongly Lyle H. Rossiter’s “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”. You will find that most liberals have failed to achieve responsible adulthood.

  21. Pure garbage from Hollyweird yet again. I definitely will not being seeing any of this drivel.

  22. I have better things to do with my money other than giving it to an outfit that subverts true American culture and could care less about me or my values. Not one red cent holly wierd.

  23. The movie industry is suicidal. Instead of fresh new ideas they can only come up with the same old crap with exception now they think they have a LARGE audience with the Fringe &/Freak left so they will pander to them. I haven’t been to a movie in 10 years unfortunately there are so few the only thing left will be these movies will fail and fail and fail until these studios are out of business.

  24. Search “Operation Mockingbird,” and “Operation Muse.”
    There have also been recent documents released that show how the CIA has infiltrated Hollywood to control and steer the perceptions of the public, through the use of scientific propaganda.
    Search: “CIA in Hollywood”
    Learn about these things and then ask yourself: “Why are these types of films being made?”

  25. Unsanitary greasy people sweat-stink the seats, drop rancid food on the floors:

    Endure that for Commie-Fa propaganda?

  26. Crap movies by Communists, intended to be divisive. Obama yet lives, in Hollywood.

  27. I quit ANY watching any movie or TV show having to do with RACE,, about sexual perversion and feminism..NO THANKS..I’ve had it

  28. As a white straight male, guilty over my privilege, I’ve been wondering how I can atone for me and my kids’ perpetual sins–I guess dropping 60 bucks for each of these movies is the way to go! Thanks!

  29. I can’t wait till these long overdue cinematic jewels hit the theaters, I’ll be standing in line with all the rest with my burning broom and pitchfork giving full hate filled support to this

  30. Dinesh D’souza has a patriotic movie coming out in August. It’s called “Death of a Nation”. All should see it.

  31. deviate Hollywood still doesnt get it,,trash and immorality dont sell in the movies..

  32. Easy solution, boycott Hollywood and the slime they put out. Let them go broke.

  33. To describe Hollywood in its own parlance: it’s jumped the shark.

    I can’t recall the last movie I watched at a theater… the only thing that comes to mind is The Hobbit — and TV sucks even worse.

    I’ve ditched netflix — the Obamas, seriously? WTF? If I wanted to give money to a slimy grifters, I could send a check to the Clinton Foundation.

    I used to watched movies/TV to escape the political BS, and it seems that leftists simply can’t stop proselytizing to the little people in flyover — one way or another.

    Good luck with that.

  34. Of course anyone who doesnt go and applaud how “brave ” it all is will be branded a racist, nazi and worth of hate and beatings.
    gotta love those accepting Leftists!

    Show some movies about what its like for blacks to live in Democrat city ghettos where there is no money except for the abortion mills or how Dems have turned their back on them in favor of illegals.

  35. Progressive propaganda knows no bounds and hollowood is their main engine for spreading it. The 2020 Democrat platform for their version of change is depravity, subversion & tyranny.

  36. Thank you for showing us all what movies to avoid this year. People go to the movies to be entertained, not preached to. Successful movies appeal to large audiences, across the political spectrum. None of these are entertaining, and all lean socialist left.

  37. I will sit-out every one of them. I don’t need to be “preached” to by a bunch of Hollywood writers.

  38. They never learn. I just want to be entertained! I don’t want to hear about how America is racist sexist homophobic and so on. I go to a movie theatre once every 10 years. We cut our cable way back and don’t get the “movie” stations or CNN, Fox, (P) MSNBC, etc. When we travel to foreign countries and put on the TV in our hotel room we find there are thousands of movies that “they” won’t let us see in the US. These movies tend to be good action movies, and moves where the women look like women, and somehow lack the “agenda” that movies in the US have.

  39. I’d rather watch the classics on AMC or TCM. Better acting, directing and storytelling. Hollywood sucks these days.

  40. Do you suppose Spike Lee will show the KKK as the Democrat organization it was? Doubt it from that racist.

    1. We’re not hurt at all, n!gger libtard. Just sickened by your indoctrination. You think your efforts are something new? You’ve been opting for the tack for decades, ever since the late 60s. And it goes nowhere. Have you noticed?

  41. Great – they will appear in the theaters. Too bad for the left no one will watch them

  42. Please help us out here… What exactly is a black person or a white person “supposed” to sound like?

  43. Sounds Terrible. I want to see movies to escape the world, not have politics jammed in my face. Almost impossible to avoid these days.

  44. They’ll be showing most of these movies during hate whitey month. Guaranteed.

  45. With each new pile of leftist SJW “message movies”, I come to appreciate even more the fact that we’re living in The Golden Age of Not Watching.

  46. “…after her release from juvenile hall goes on a mission to settle scores with her father.”

    Definitely a work of fiction, everyone knows that black kids have no idea who their father is.

  47. Same stuff over and over, the racist Democrats trying to solidify the fact they want to hide who they really are the party of the KKK, the original slave masters then and now……name any civil rights bill that they ever past and I’ll give you a million bucks….they fought tooth and nail to keep their slaves and keep blacks out of their lily white bathrooms, lunch counters and schools.
    These are the real Fascist, they are a Godless bunch of liars trying to change history to fit their narrative.
    So make these stupid movies and loose your wretched shirts. Enough studious blacks are seeing right through this canard and are embracing …..WALK AWAY.

  48. Thanks for the heads up. Now I don’t have to waste my time watching something that I really don’t want to see.

  49. So, a “slew” of movies based on socialist non-issues left over from the 1960s. I’ll be sure to miss them.

    1. actually socialists killed more homosexuals, trans, gay, Q, than even the NAZIs.

      get woke, go broke

  50. More perpetual victimhood and identity politics. The only way libs can defend their power is by convincing every minority they are a victim. So sad.

  51. These filmmakers don’t seem to care about profit. Maybe it’s more important to them that they propagandize with investors’ money than make commercially viable movies. Very few people are going to watch this sh*t.

  52. Just pure bunk what else can you say?. These people hate us, the middle class, with a vengeance and wish to keep the racial divide going to keep their wallets fat just like all those rotten tv shows like the Law and Order, NCIS franchises, Blue Bloods, etc. Pure bunk is what I call all this crap at the end of the day.

  53. I prefer to be entertained rather than preached to by self-aggrandizing, self-righteous leftists.
    I wouldn’t watch this garbage even if it was available for free.
    These social engineering reels won’t break even. Hollyweird is dead to me.

  54. This is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions. Get “woke”, go broke.

  55. When will they make a film about how a great majority of black children aren’t growing up with a father in the house?

    1. JEW not white racism, sneaky leftist JEWS are behind 100% of the racial division. Fact.

  56. And let me guess: White people, especially White males, figure prominently as the antagonists in all the movies. It’s all the fault of White people.

  57. How about a movie that tells the story of how the Buffalo Soldiers committed genocide, rape and kidnapping against Native Americans? I know eh story well – my great grandmother was a victim.

    Where’s the outrage. demands for reparations and endless apologies by black Americans for their knowing and voluntary violent racism?

  58. Mr Carey you’re an idiot. Charlottesville wasn’t a “White supremacist” rally

  59. They are going to bomb big…meaning less money available to fund their leftie politician…Yippe!

    These were edgy in the 60’s and 70’s. No more as they been shoving this crap down peoples throats for too long.

    1. She’s in a new Mamma Mia movie, which I understand is playing to empty seats all over the country!

  60. Blazing saddles still is my favorite! Ah the good old days when everyone knew their place in the food chain….

  61. A film about the KKK based on something that happened over 40 years ago is a “wake-up call”?

    Who are you? Rip Freakin’ Van Winkle?

  62. I used to love movies. I rarely go anymore. I could write the scripts of 99% if you gave me the liberal premise. They’re sooo far left it’s getting ridiculous. And really boring.

  63. The audience wants entertainment with merit not another useless lecture that wallows in despair….try using aspiration and success as the base and see if you can relate….This is like the NFL and their management stupidity that has cost them millions of fans….

  64. Matthew, you forgot to mention the intentional assassination attempt on congressman Steve Scalise
    and at least one on Trump months earlier. Heather Heyer’s death was tragic and wreckless, but not intentional.

  65. It will arrive in theaters on August 10, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left a counter-protester dead.

    More like the rally was co opted by radicals on the left AND right, and the Marxist governor and mayor let it get out of hand so they could blame Trump. Americans are so gullible.

  66. Well, rest assured that not a single penny of mine will be spent to see this liberal garbage propaganda.

  67. And they wonder why Hollywood is dying a slow death. People are bored to tears with political agendas and same story, different title Marvel movies or remakes of what was once a popular move. What ever happened to good natured, fun movies? Or new ideas that don’t carry some kind of message?

  68. Hollywood is a left-wing, anti-conservative and anti-Christian industry that tries to maintain a monopoly on the influence upon morality. Consequently, it pushes an agenda and controls a media narrative over every sociopolitical issue in America. It seemingly worked from 2005-2015. It’s influence ended when then-candidate Donald Trump called their corporate “news” outlets “FAKE NEWS” during a nationally-televised debate. It was about time that someone called out the media for their rabid left-wing bias.

  69. another summer of flops.
    more garbage propaganda movies Americans can ignore.

  70. You would think Hollywood would learn how not to lose money but they cannot help themselves.

  71. Yaaawwwwnnn. Guess I won’t be wasting money any time soon on the latest Hollywood trash. I’ll be busy watching the grass grow instead.

  72. So it’s not good enough for hollywood to fail. Now they need to actively drive customers out of the theaters.

  73. I sat through previews for 15 minutes this last weekend. I went to see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”. There was absolutely nothing advertised that I care to see.

  74. Stop the presses. Hollywood is promoting the Progressive agenda??? No Waaaay!!

  75. I don’t watch movies, and am unlikely to change. No reason to watch films that ignore the 80% of the country that exists and pays for movies. Notice how Clint Eastwood still seems to make extremely successful movies….and he never follows the Hollyweird playbook.

  76. The Jews are pushing to vilify white people harder than ever. It’s nothing new but it does seem to be getting more absurd, white men are always the badguys now and the black guy always gets the white girl. This is especially disgusting when it’s blacks that kill and rape whites all the time but they are never shown as the bad guys and you’re a bigot if you notice that areas that become more black stop being safe.

  77. Just proves Hollywood is controlled by idiot liberals who know nothing about making money in the Movie Business.

  78. More of the same types of PC films that are at war with America and Americans? What could possibly go wrong?

  79. Well, this group of presentations, along with the left, liberal La-La Land unicorn dust sniffing, rarified air breathing, sheeple who make huge clumps of cash for pretending to be other people, as written and directed by others – I guess it’s easy to see why there are more and more box office failures. But I’m pretty sure that they won’t learn by their annoying attitudes and weak performances.

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