Michelle Williams Calls Cops on Obsessed Ex in ‘Wrath’ Preview (Video)

MIchelle Williams star in Wrath A Seven Deadly Sins Story (Credit: Lifetime)

Lifetime has unveiled a new preview clip for Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story starring Michelle Williams, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Romeo Miller, and Antonio Cupo.

The original movie centers on Chastity Jeffries (played by Williams), a single lawyer who meets a charming guy named Xavier Collins (played by Cupo). He’s everything she’s looking for in a partner — handsome, smart and an attorney as well. But as his affection turns to obsession, Chastity realizes she’s been swept up by Xavier’s passion and abandoned her principles.

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The preview clip below shows an obsessed Xavier approaching Chastity in a park and demanding 10 minutes of her time. She wants nothing to do with him and says, “I have a restraining order against you, and you are well within 100 feet of me.”

A determined Xavier responds, “I thought you were supposed to be Christian. I thought you were supposed to be the one that’s supposed to forgive.”

He refuses to leave Chastity alone even after her former childhood boyfriend Roger Thompkins (Miller) steps in. Chastity flags down two police officers and Xavier is dragged away. But he makes it clear he’s not giving up.

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The movie is part of Lifetime’s Seven Deadly Sins anthology film series from executive producers T.D. Jakes, Derrick Williams and Shaun Robinson. Based on the series of books by Victoria Christopher Murray, Wrath is the third film in the franchise.

Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story airs Saturday, April 16 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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