Will Smith and Airbnb Invite Fans to Stay at ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Mansion

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff (Courtesy of Instagram)

In honor of the 30th anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith is bringing a little TV magic to the real world. The actor announced he is partnering with Airbnb to open the iconic television mansion in Los Angeles for lucky fans to visit.

The listing for the Airbnb appears to have been written by Smith himself, and offers fans the chance to stay in the home for $30 a night.

“Ready for the freshest staycation ever? If this place looks familiar that’s because it’s just as fly as it was when I first rolled up the driveway. I’m back,” the Airbnb listing says. “And this time, I’m handing you the keys so you’ll have my wing of the mansion all to yourself — but my sneaker collection is off limits, aight?”

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Guests who book a stay at the mansion will be treated to a life of luxury.

Smith says visitors can stay in, “my bedroom (great for naps), a full bathroom (great for spitting bars in the shower), pool area (great for dips), an outdoor lounge, and the dining room (great for eating obviously),” he explained. “It’s your crib for the night, so feel free to act like you own the place.”

The actor worked with the owners of the home to offer the listing to celebrate the television series, which premiered in 1990. Smith and his Fresh Prince co-stars recently got together to film a reunion special for HBO Max, which will be streamed later this year.