Whoopi Goldberg Clashes With Bernie Sanders: ‘Why Are You Still in the Race?’

Whoopi Goldberg and Bernie Sanders appear on The View, on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. (Credit: ABC)

Bernie Sanders appeared on The View Wednesday to discuss politics and how he’d handle a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic if he were president.

Instead of friendly talk show banter, Sanders was grilled about his Medicare for All plan and why he’s still in the Democratic presidential primary race.

At one point, Sunny Hostin pressed the Vermont senator to respond to claims he’s “politicizing” the COVID-19 crisis to promote Medicare for All.

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Things got more heated when moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked Sanders to explain why he hasn’t dropped out of the race and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I have to ask you this question now, because I have been watching to see what you were going to do, and I’m told that you intend to stay in this race for president because you believe there is a path to victory,” Goldberg said. “I want to know what that path is because this feels a little bit like it did when you didn’t come out when Hillary Clinton was clearly the person folks were going for.”

Sanders disagreed with Goldberg’s assessment and responded, “I worked as hard as I could for Hillary Clinton. There is a path toward victory…”

Goldberg quickly cut him off. “Just so we’re clear, you worked for Hillary, but it took you a very, very long time to hop in, and your people also, it took a very long time for them to hop in. When I say that, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t accept that characterization,” Sanders shot back.

Goldberg cut him off again and said: “OK, why are you still in the race?”

“Last I heard, people in a democracy have a right to vote, and they have a right to vote for the agenda that they think can work for America, especially in this very, very difficult moment,” Sanders responded. “We are assessing our campaign, as a matter of fact, where we want to go forward, but people in a democracy do have a right to vote.”

Sanders then said he’s working with members of the Senate and House on a new coronavirus stimulus package. Goldberg asked him if it would be “smarter” to continue working on the stimulus package, than “splitting” his time between running for president.

“I’m sitting in my house right now. I’m not holding a rally in Wisconsin because of the nature of campaigns,” the senator said. “Right now, what I am primarily focusing on, with other members of the Congress, is a new coronavirus 4 stimulus package.”

Goldberg interrupted him a few seconds later and asked, “So your plan is to stay in, yes?”

“Well, for the fourth time, we are assessing,” Sanders replied.