Wendy Williams Delays Show Premiere Again Amid Medical Issues

Wendy Williams Show Season Finale. (Credit: The Wendy Williams Show)

In an unexpected twist, The Wendy Williams Show said Thursday the program will not premiere on Oct. 4 as scheduled because of host Wendy Williams’ medical issues.

The announcement  was posted on the show’s official Instagram account with a graphic that said: “Wendy will not be returning with new shows on Oct. 4. She has been and continues to be under a doctor’s care and is still not ready to return to work. We plan to return with new shows on Oct. 18.” 

The statement also made clear Wendy’s previously announced breakthrough COVID-19 case is no longer an issue. Still, the only explanation the show offered is that Williams is “still dealing with some ongoing medical issues.”

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The show had originally been scheduled to premiere on Sept. 20, but earlier this month Williams canceled promotional appearances for the premiere. The return date was then moved to Oct. 4. Just two days ago, producers released a promotional video saying Williams was set to return to her purple chair on Monday. Now, that is no longer the case.

The changes have prompted tabloid speculation as to what exactly is going on with Williams.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported she was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation the day before it was announced the show’s 13th season would be delayed due to her COVID status. 

After Williams revealed she had tested positive for the virus, the Daily Mail published pictures of the talk show diva in a wheelchair outside her Manhattan apartment and later grabbed photos of her smoking a vape pen. 

Some followers on Instagram say it may be time for Williams to give up her syndicated show and instead focus on her health. 

On the Instagram post uploaded today, @sweetlikez commented: “Wendy needs to cancel the show and just take care of herself. This ongoing cancelling episodes should be a sign. I am all for supporting her but her wellness counts over a talk show.”

Instagram user @rare_gem0525 added: “I knew it. SMH. Wendy really needs to just let this show go if she can. Hate all this for her.” 

Instagram user @syblakewashington replied to the show’s post, “Didnt y’all JUST say she’d be back Monday…..my gawd. Take care Wendy.”

For now, it looks like the show could return on Monday, Oct. 18. Stay tuned.