Van Lathan Fired From TMZ After Dispute With Co-Worker

Van Lathan on TMZ (Credit: YouTube)

It looks like TMZ has parted ways with Van Lathan.

The producer and TV personality was reportedly fired from the celebrity gossip outlet following an argument over politics with his conservative co-worker, Michael Babcock.

Page Six, which first reported the news, said Lathan and Babcock got into an on-air disagreement about a week and a half ago. The dispute was edited out of the TMZ Live show, the site said, but Lathan allegedly confronted Babcock in the newsroom once the taping ended.

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In a story published Monday night, Page Six cited sources who said Lathan warned Babcock there would be trouble if he ever embarrassed him again.

Lathan is said to have met with TMZ‘s attorneys and was fired a short time later. He seemingly confirmed the news Monday evening in a series of tweets.

“It’s looking like tomorrow is going to suck. good up there God? Okay, cool Just checking,” Lathan tweeted.

Two hours later he followed it up with a tweet saying, “I’m okay. Promise you guys. Seriously.”

Lathan garnered national attention in May 2018, when he pushed back against Kanye West’s infamous claim that “slavery was a choice” on the TMZ show. While other people in the newsroom sat silently and allowed West to rant, Lathan told the hip-hop star he wasn’t making sense.

“Kanye, you’re entitled to your opinion. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want. But there is fact, and real-world, real-life consequence behind everything that you just said,” Lathan told West.

The following month, Lathan spoke at the Black Male Media Project in Los Angeles organized by the National Association of Black Journalists. During the gathering, he urged celebrities to use their “megaphones” to make a difference, instead of spouting off “sensational” comments to sell records or movie tickets.

In addition to contributing to TMZ, Lathan hosts the Red Pill podcast which features conversations with celebrities.