Tyler Perry Shot ‘A Fall From Grace’ in 5 Days, Movie Critics Say ‘It Shows’

A Fall From Grace (Credit: Netflix)

The cast of A Fall From Grace has confirmed in interviews that the movie was filmed in five days.

While most movies take months to shoot, Perry wrapped production on the feature in what may be record time.

The romantic thriller about a woman accused of killing her new husband and the court case that follows stars Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Cicely Tyson, and Mehcad Brooks.

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The movie, which is Perry’s first feature for Netflix, debuted on Friday, Jan. 17. The reviews are in and most critics did not like what they saw.

Gary Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times called A Fall From Grace “slapdash.”

“Perry, the film’s writer, director, executive producer and costar, reportedly shot the entire picture in five days. That may sound impossible (and nothing to crow about), but when you see the slapdash results, it makes total sense,” Goldstein wrote.

Other critics on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes were equally unimpressed.

“Tyler Perry shot A Fall From Grace in five days… and it shows,” said Dustin Chase of Texas Art & Film.

Jeffrey Lyles of Lyles’ Movie Files called the film “ridiculous.”

“Perry tries his hand at a Tyler Perry Production by way of a Lifetime movie, where logic or common sense are discarded for the sake of drama no matter how ridiculous or forced,” Lyles said.

John Serba of Decider.com gave the movie a backhanded compliment.

“Lousy as the movie is, you can’t help but admire its entertainment value,” Serba wrote. “The way Perry blatantly telegraphs the conclusion in the first act, then throws so many crazy twists at us, we almost forget that we already figured out what’s going to happen.”

Christy Lemire on Rogerebert.com said the film is plagued with problems, including “dizzying tonal swings, awkward blocking, drab lighting, jarring edits, and a mixture of the salacious and the puritanical,” adding, “In short, it’s nuts.”