Trump Calls for ‘Retribution’ After Alec Baldwin ‘SNL’ Skit

Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin on "Saturday Night Live." (Credit: Shutterstock and NBC)

President Donald Trump is furious about Alec Baldwin’s latest impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

POTUS took to Twitter Sunday to accuse NBC and other TV networks of ganging up on his administration, and demanded to know why shows like SNL can get away with “Republican hit jobs” without consequences.

“Nothing funny about tired ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!” Trump tweeted.

Moments later he attacked the media in all caps.


The president’s Twitter tirade came just hours after Baldwin mocked him and his decision to declare a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border to fund construction of his border wall.

“We have a tremendous amount of drugs flowing into the country from the southern border — or the brown line, as many people have asked me not to call it,” Baldwin said in this weekend’s SNL Cold Open.

“That’s why we need wall. Because wall works. Wall makes safe,” he added in broken English. “You don’t have to be smart to understand that.”

Although Baldwin’s Trump later copped to stretching the truth.

“You all see why I gotta fake this emergency, right? I have to because I want to. It’s really simple. We have a problem.”

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Still, Baldwin admitted declaring an emergency would likely lead to a fierce court battle.

“I’m going to sign these papers for the emergency then I’ll immediately be sued, then the court won’t rule
in my favor, then it’ll go to the Supreme Court, then I’ll call my buddy [Brett] Kavanaugh, then I’ll say it’s time to repay the Donny, then he’ll say ‘new phone, who dis?'” he rambled.

But in the end, he said something good would probably come out of it — his “personal hell of playing president will finally be over.”

Watch the clip below.

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111 thoughts on “Trump Calls for ‘Retribution’ After Alec Baldwin ‘SNL’ Skit

  1. The Main Street Media thought that they had their candidate already elected.
    The voters decided differently …. and the Media can’t get over it – and probably never will. It shows, as it often does, that the voters don’t always vote the way the polls seem to show. And most of the time, it is the right choice. It proves that sometimes money doesn’t always work.

    1. Someone needs to knee cap this SOB with baseball bats teach him a real lesson. Spit in his face.

      1. That would be great. Only by hanging the child abusing cowardly idiot upside down and setting him on fire after making him dress in a purple tutu could you possibly make Baldwin funny.

      2. I thought it was only people who wear MAGA hats that are violent? Oh yeah, that’s Fake News.

      3. Why is it that ALL and ONLY white populations must be multicultural/multiracial?

        No one asks that of -ANY- non-White population.

        Anti racist is CODE for Anti White
        Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person

      4. Now look..even in jest this sort of thing is disgusting. The man is a fellow human being. Don’t be like the left.

    2. Baldwin is an anger management lesson for people. He attacks innocent people, uses homophobic language… but derpy azz libs give him the liberal get out of jail free cards.

    3. All of the entertainment you consume, every day, is scientifically designed propaganda.
      Do a search on “Operation Mockingbird.”
      Or “CIA involvement in Hollywood.

      You’re being tricked. Brainwashed. Whether you believe it or not–doesn’t matter. It works.

    4. Personally I am not a Trump fan, however I wish him well and appreciate that he’s trying to do some important and needed things. That said, he could stand to develop some little bit of sense of humor. The SNL stuff is funny. He needs to acknowledge that, and to the extent that he is providing SNL and others with tons of raw comedic materiel, learn from what he sees on SNL.

      1. SNL hasn’t been funny since the 90’s when real comedians ran the show, not this hack and a joke of a human being. NONE of what SNL puts out these days (or the last two decades) has been or will be funny. Your name is Detergent. Sounds about right. Need to cleanse your mind with it

      2. The problem is that such lampooning encourages a contagion of disrespect and that leads to bad news for America and good news for our enemies.

        Criticism is one thing.

        Spreading disrespect for our leadership based on lies is treason worthy of a jihadi.

        Pay attention to what the French did to traitors after WWII.

        TERRIBLE public shaming and humiliation in the streets. Head shaving. Spitting. Name calling for the Women.

        Worse for the men.

        Criticism is okay.

        Lies and unrestrained irrational bashing to help alienate our affections and support for our leaders and institutions is exactly what Islamists and Communists want us to do.

        Choose to be a loyal American.

      3. humor has an element of truth to it. alec is not satirizing teump, he is satirizing himself.

        NBC is owned by people with a huge vested interest in getting Trump out if office.

        People watching uncritically will come away believing they are slightly exaggerating Trump, nit creating a totally fale persona. Trump was honored by NAACP twice. He hires COMPETENT people not just the ‘diverse’. He is very funny and his mind is completely free of drugs and alcohol.

        SNL druggies have no idea of what Trump is.

      4. Its really not funny! it used to be, years ago. We actually have a president that takes no paycheck just to be abused every single day! The democrats want socialism from what I can see. I lived in AZ. I have seen first hand what is going on, as far as drugs ect. Just the human trafficking of children should be enough to build a wall. Most of you celebs. Loved him until he became the president. And his monies. You would think that you so called movie stars would see that we the people just don’t worship you! Alec Baldwin we see how horribly you treated you your own child. And Kim Basinger was a wreak any time we saw her try and be on a talk show. She trembled like nothing I have ever seen? Hmm, I wonder why? The award shows…. We don’t watch or care about them anymore. All they have become is Trump bashing….. He is a good man that has done so much in such a short time for our country. And most of you movie “stars”. have big OL walls around your mansions. But we the people just can’t afford it. I still think about Kate Steinly and the last words her father heard was “Help me Daddy”. But fathers like you can’t identify with this father. That illegal had been deported many times. And came back to Calif and just shot Kate! She had just graduated from college. And all of the Angel parents that have tried to meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chucky. And they hide in their offices which tell Americans they are welcome to come to her office. Well mr Baldwin there is a God and his son Jesus. You might want to ask you brother about our Lord. SNL. Just isn’t funny anymore. I see the awful stuff they do usually on the news….. I don’t care to watch it any more. Its just as stupid as those creepy women on the view.

    5. I think Trump should do a skit on Bald skin’s day job as a game show host… Surely Trump and Sarah can put together a good put down on The Match game host’s lack of skill sets..

      1. I disagree. The L’s have encouraged us to treat our political choices as we would a round of American Idol.

        The President and Sarah should not lower the bar to the Left’s sophomoric level.

      1. If you live here, how would your lifestyle be impacted by a civil war if DJT was driven from office?

  2. The fake news just doesn’t like a President that fights back. They aren’t used to being called out by a Republican President for their obvious anti-Trump. anti-Conservative, pro-Democrat, pro-Liberal bias. Good for Trump. The media is despicable.

    1. The Left/Media couldn’t mock a “black” president and traitor. They couldn’t mock a woman candidate, even a lifelong criminal and traitor. So suddenly they are fearless and trendy First Amendment warriors against Trump. Nauseating.

  3. It’s not just the media that’s the enemy of the people. It’s the democrat party and their fellow travelers. But then, the media is just the propaganda arm of the democrat party…They are still fighting the Civil war. The Republicans are just too stupid to realize it.

  4. Everyone knows Hollywood and the media are anti-American dirt bags. Who cares what the say or do. Let them get together for another circle-jerk awards show and celebrate their depravity. America will be tuning out…….again.

  5. Liberals need to worry about Trumps poll numbers, they just keep climbing even with the nonstop liberal attacks.

  6. If Saturday Night Live ever wanted to become truly funny again, all they would have to do would be to read aloud the text of the Green New Deal.

  7. It is the multi National corps that own the stations and pay the puppets, It is all anti US so the corps can sell out the US. get to the heart of it.

  8. Hey look, the president doesn’t understand how comedy or satire works. And neither do some of his cult members.

      1. Lt. Barney Greenwald: Ah, you’re learning, Willie! You’re learning that you don’t work with a captain because you like the way he parts his hair. You work with him because he’s got the job or you’re no good!

        “The Caine Mutiny”

      2. What?? The President cannot defend himself when attacked? Which part of the Tenth Amendment are you citing? Establishment clause? Progressive establishment? Geez, you leftists amuse me.

    1. Cult members? Who always votes democratic? Who hates whom ever the Democrats say hate? Who spouts obscenities whenever Trumps name is mentioned? Who can’t bring Themselves to admit Trump has done some good things? Who thinks illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are the
      Same because Nancy And Chucky say so? If you act like a cult member maybe
      You are a cult member!

    2. Is nothing funny about snl at all so you cant really say its comedy. Its simply hateful. That is all it is, hate and intolerance dressed up as humour. This from the party of diversity and inclusiveness lol.

      1. Agree.. quit watching over a decade ago and everytime there is a clip..nothing funny about it.

        Baldwin is and has been a bully, just google him and the articles of him screaming at someone, etc. Pop up.

        The press cant take anyone being successful that doesnt have a D after their name. Want to know what to think about wall just ask those who work protecting it, they like what the President did.

        Good enough for me
        Rather ask someone doing the job than some lib who most likely lives in a building with a doorman or behind a wall, who knows nothing about real life border issues.

    3. Comedy and SNL can’t be used in the same sentence pal. The old SNL guys and Late Night TV hosts like Carson did Political Satire in a way that was hilarious to everybody on both sides of the aisle and even the victim of the satire got a kick out of it. The butthurt leftists who saw their “ Queen in Waiting “ fall to Trump don’t do satire or comedy now. They come out and vent their livers at the guy they hate with nothing but degrading insults. Looks like NBC is content with pegging their shows to only half the country.

    4. You obviously have no clue what comedy or satire is. The old SNL people knew ( Before Obama). Same with the Late Night hosts like Carson, Leno, and Letterman. They knew how to rib politicians without mocking, insulting, or degrading them like these new butthurt Hillary-lovin leftists on Late Night do. I bet Seth Meyer, Kate McKinnon, and Stephen Colbert, still go home and cry themselves to sleep every night over Hillary’s loss.

    5. If that is true The hateful, mean-spirited vile crap that is pumped out by the late night slugs and the sludge pumped out by SNL couldn’t buy a laugh if not for the narrow band of haters that make up their fan base (and who would shut their scaley butts off in a nanosecond if the ‘comedians’ didn’t exactly follow the party mantra of the moment.

    6. It’s no longer comedy. It’s not even satire. It’s ignorant and depressing tripe. But you like it , right?

    7. I’d love to see how YOU would react when you were constantly the pin cushion of this formerly great show every single week.

      Remember when they used to target everyone? Those days are gone.

      Now they’ve got this old, fat guy who calls his daughter a pig and brawls over a parking space reprising his ignorant role every single Saturday.

    8. If you think what is going on is just criticism, you are an immature person with problems. You have no idea the damage you do to America and your fellow Americans by carrying water for our enemies.

  9. SNL isn’t funny anymore. They’ve truly jumped the shark. If they’re going to make fun of Trump then they surely have plenty of material to do so with Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, etc.

    1. Pelosi’s failing health indications aren’t even looked at by SNL. Michael Che in Colin Jost we’re giddy as school girls and their side ‘won’. They use the same stale crap jokes week after week after week. The scene with Schumer and Pelosi gloating over getting everything they wanted wasn’t comedy at all but infuriating. Not only are they jumping the shark they are really pissing off an off a lot of people. Any competition to the so-called comedy will not be tolerated by the left. That’s why there are no attempts to mock Nancy or Chuck. With no outlet for right-leaning comedy, this will not end well. No one has the money or courage to go up against them. SNL, killing comedy for three years running.

  10. We never watch Snl. Too political and one sided…why not show Nancy and her recent mistakes and Cortez reading her green deal. Hilarious

    1. Because the left doesn’t really have a sense of humor. They only have an internal anger. It’s called depression and they are really quite scary people inside and out

      1. Libs are always in fear of being discovered to be not “good enough” and resent their betters.

        They would doom ALL of America because of their own feelings of inadequacy and butthurt.

        Or, more likely, they haven’t thought about the damage they do that might boomerang and adversely affect their own lives someday.

        Of course not.

        That is typical liberal short-sightedness.

  11. Incredible to laugh at your country, the place that so many have suffered and died for…many of these actors have never served threi country or worn a uniform. They’ve play acted like children from time to time to be Patriots.
    Now we have a president who is a patriot and they don’t understand how that should be appreciated.
    Atheist don’t understand God’s blessings when they are sitting in the middle of them, crying about how terrible their plite is

    1. The fundamental problem is that the “deplorables” really cannot bring themselves to act in the many vulgar, intolerant, harmful ways that are the bread and butter of our Democrat mobs.

      1. Sure we can. Just look at the two MAGA men who attacked the gay glactica actor in chicago./….Chortle chortle.

  12. His daughter grew up so he couldn’t pick on her anymore.

    I remember when SNL and the Late shows were funny.

    Before they got taken over by hateful pervert morons.

  13. There is an audience for that kind of silly comedy so that is Capitalism in action. There is nothing wrong with it.

    1. There is a difference between what they do and comedy.

      They are trying to use lies and unfair, dishonest, unrestrained ridicule and character assassination to spread a contagion of discontent.

      Your puppet masters have manipulated you to do their dirty work and make you a traitor while they stay hidden.

  14. The “media” ?? It’s a sketch comedy program, you ding dongs. You can’t “investigate” a comedy show, this isn’t Russia. Or Saudi Arabia.

    1. It is indeed utterly disgraceful, shameful venomous diatribe by our MSM, even “collusion” to effect a coup against the pesky “deplorables” (aka the average, decent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens). As dreadful as it is, it is no doubt “protected” free speech – would cause the Progressives to send their goons out to harass and trash their infidels as they have already done so many times. That said, I don’t think that they can steal or “create” enough LEGAL votes to effect the coup d’etat they so adamantly desire. BEST to simply IGNORE them AND when and where possible (while it still is) to charge them with slander and for their criminal physical acts, e.g. the AntiFa attacks.

    2. What if it is found that the enemies of America are poisoning the minds of the writers?

      It sure can be investigated.

      You know not what they are doing to America or how they have subverted you to assist them in attacking and weakening us.


  15. How did any man with such a thin skin become President and he and his followers not understand the Bill of Rights?

    I worked in the Reagan administration. SNL made fun of his age and supposed senility. Do you know what he did? President Reagan wouldn’t dignify SNL with a response.

    1. Yes, and Reagan didn’t need to cater to his opponents. When he wanted to fund the Contras he just sold arms to Iran and used that money to get his job done.

    2. This is a different situation.

      Current enemies and events that you are unable to detect will not fit into your Reagan “box” of sensibilities.

      Catch up or pipe down.

  16. Is this show still on the air? Putin would have closed the doors on Rockefeller Center before they hit the fake news bit.

  17. When is SNL/NBC going to figure out that the Baldwin-Trump thing at the beginning of every show has gotten old and predictable. The minute the show started I turned it off. Doubt I’m alone in doing that.

  18. Johnny Carson did an interview that was replayed recently. The late night master spoke of why he did NOT use politics in his comedy. I can tell you why I and so many others are NOT watching late night or award shows or SNL. The constant barrage of political assault is NOT funny. The arrogance is a turnoff. Their presumptuousness reminds me of a 15 year old who can’t find Washington DC on a map but wants to tell everyone else what is politically correct. Baldwin hasn’t been funny since… well since ever. And apparently at least 1/2 of those who USED to watch SNL feel the same. Glad he can find work somewhere… but I won’t buy a ticket.

  19. Where does Alec Baldwin live? Does his estate include a fence? If not, I say we all protest in his front yard.

  20. crybaby donald trump, the man who lies or makes misleading statements at a pace of over 10 a day can’t handle people dishing it back to him. They should do a skit every week to make his head explode.

    1. Every POTUS lies.

      The trick is to know when a lie is important or harmful.

      Come back when you learn the difference.

  21. This man hates free society and free thought. His lemming supporters are brainwashed and brain damaged.

    1. Not hardly… just not infected by the acute HUBRIS that is in the DNA of our Democrat mobsters.

  22. These are the same media who are always available to cover up child trafficking for the satanists.

  23. Too many peeps are getting their weekly news hit from SNL these days. It’s warped people’s minds. But SNL writers have free speech so unless they are outright calling for the A word against the president, not much can be done to rein them in.

  24. They are not the media, they are controlled mouthpiece for the satanists. Just like the music industry and Hollywood. They all worship satan, they all traffic children.

  25. SNL is having the time of their lives knowing they’re getting under the skin of Trump. Yes, of course, they’re crazy in their bias. They’re unrepentant hard left democrats. I watched the original show back in the 1970s, but rarely since. Don’t understand why Trump cares.

    1. I am not sure he cares at all. I think he is simply exposing the arrogance and stupidity on the SNL supporters who think the constitution only applies to them. I mean look at the comments. Some even promise harm to our president they are so wound up over this.

    2. Because the Presidency can not stand without support if the people.

      Unrestrained hate-filled attacks undermine support for our government.

      The country could fail because you didn’t know the danger these enemy aiding attacks pose to your own well being and lifestyle.

      You encourage a climate of hostility that could bring about an eventual collapse of our way of life.

  26. Funny how many hollywooders think the president lost his own first amendment rights when he became president. He didn’t and the lying girl who had to pay him 300K in legal fees found out. The arrogance of hollywooders is beyond the pale. Do they think they are the only ones with rights?

  27. SNL stopped being funny after Massive Headwind Harry and Un-Frozen Caveman Lawyer. They are just filling dead airtime at this point.

  28. Trump is a great President with some serious brass balls that he’s tea-bagging the entire left with. Baldwin is a crybaby snowflake POS who has anger management issues…and besides he’s not funny. His only good part was in Glen Gary Glen Ross for five minutes when he acted like a serious person that takes care of business and doesn’t have time for limp-wristed whiner no-selling losers. Well Trump is that character in real life! And little boy Alex is currently playing the useful idiot role for the demitard fascicrats while Trump is cleaning house and settling the score. Nobody watches SNL anymore anyway because it’s so stupid. #MAGA2020

  29. They’re not getting away with it. Close to half of their audience is no longer tuning in, myself included. I stopped tuning in after 40 years of watching avidly.

      1. Go ahead and applaud signs of our crumbling society.

        Pres. Trump is all that stands between us and our enemies taking control of America.

        And you root for our enemies.

        Real bright.

  30. This Baldwin skit demonstrates the ignorance of the left. The political and Hollywood elites seriously under estimate the American people. I canceled my cable TV in 2006 and haven’t watched TV since. I can see I made the right choice not to listen to that garbage anymore. Now they’re trying to destroy the internet like they destroyed television because they lost so much of their audience and they can’t compete with the freedom of the internet and the audiences are able to choose their entertainment and do have to put up with leftist political propaganda being shoved down their throats.

      1. Hey Ignorant libtard. Look at the top of the comment section. The clip is right there. A computer is not a T.V.. In the famous words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon”

  31. I see the Trump Cult along with Trump are angry at a comedy skit. Clearly Trump doesn’t understand how Govt works , apparently he doesn’t even understand the 1st amendment of US Constitution. What a thin skinned sorry excuse for a human let alone the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

  32. Oh dear, Saturday Night Live is making fun of the president, just like they’ve done all the way back to Gerald Ford. Geez you Conservatives have gotten all thin skinned. I mean I get that the big orange baby in the White House can’t handle criticism, let alone jokes at his expense. But i thought you guys were grown-ups.

    1. You lack the discernment needed to tell the difference between gentle pokes and sledgehammer whacks.

      If the country ever fails, you will wonder if you helped bring it down.

      Here is your answer.


  33. Baldwin faces serious allegations of child torture, sacrifice, pedophilia and much more as do many in the Hollywood demonic swamp rats like Robert Denaro – OF COURSE they will do anything to take down the Commander and Chief who are exposing them all.

  34. It’s so unoriginal and simply unfunny. It’s like the same crooks at the AP that coordinate the leftwing mockingbird media also write for all the late night shows and SNL. It’s stale. What’s scary is how liberals pretend it’s funny. They have to know it’s not, but it’s become more of false sense of empowerment to the powerless “resisters”. So, they can at least sit in mommy’s basement and shout “Yeah, get him SNL! You sure showed him!” Lol. So lame.

  35. Baldwin…… His momma shit him on stump and the sun hatched him! That about sums him up in my opinion.

  36. Another thing I would like to know.

    When it comes to the “Fake” science of global warming, and yes it is fake for the sole purpose of inventing new taxes that hurt the poor and people on fixed incomes.

    My question for the flaming liberals is this…… How is it that the North American glacier that was a mile and a half thick…. Alot of ice… melted 10,000 years ago without smoke stacks, and SUV’s? I mean really, how did that happen without modern man? Only a true wacko would refute this, as that did happen, there is scientific proof the glacier existed, it dug out what is now our great lakes. It is called cyclical nature or better yet GOD. Something that 90% of libs don’t believe in,
    Liberalism is Godless idiology, period.

    Get a grip, cow farts are harmless, God didn’t put them here to destroy us and his creation, he gave them to us for substinance, and survival.

    If Cortez or “AOC” don’t like them farting, then maybe she needs to ram her head into there ass Everytime she sees one. Then she can say she has done her part!

  37. SNL is, and has been, irrelevant for over 30 years…much like the egomaniac lunatic Baldwin.

  38. These comedy writers are nothing but mean spirited children. They have an agenda and are traitors. Anti racist means anti white.

  39. Another thing I would like to know.

    When it comes to the “Fake” science of global warming, and yes it is fake for the sole purpose of inventing new taxes that hurt the poor and people on fixed incomes.

    My question for the flaming liberals is this…… How is it that the North American glacier that was a mile and a half thick…. Alot of ice… melted 10,000 years ago without smoke stacks, and SUV’s? I mean really, how did that happen without modern man? Only a true wacko would refute this, as that did happen, there is scientific proof the glacier existed, it dug out what is now our great lakes. It is called cyclical nature or better yet GOD. Something that 90% of libs don’t believe in,
    Liberalism is Godless idiology, period.

    Get a grip, cow farts are harmless, God didn’t put them here to destroy us and his creation, he gave them to us for substinance, and survival.

    If Cortez or “AOC” don’t like them farting, then maybe she needs to ram her head into there ass Everytime she sees one. Then she can say she has done her part!

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