Trevor Noah Jabs Kamala Harris Over ‘Hostage-Style’ Biden Endorsement Video

Trevor Noah mocked Sen. Kamala Harris over the “hostage-style video” in which she endorsed former Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden during Monday’s episode of The Daily Show.

In the endorsement video, Harris is shown standing against a badly lit, white brick wall in which she gives her endorsement of Biden.

Harris says, “I believe in Joe” and promises to do everything in her power to help him get elected.

“Now, please send $10,000 in unmarked bills so that my family can see me again,” Noah joked. “I don’t understand why Kamala Harris shot this hostage-style video to show her support for Joe Biden. It looks weird, it really does.”

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The comedian said the Taliban would even take issue with the video’s production value. “We had better lighting and we were in a cave,” he quipped.

“How is Kamala going to endorse Joe Biden and not acknowledge that she once called him a friend of racists who opposed integrated public schools?” Noah said.

The Comedy Central star felt that Harris should’ve at least acknowledged their past differences so that her endorsement packed more of punch.

However, the Washington Post provided some insight into the Harris’ endorsement video in a story published Tuesday. As it turns out, Harris would not endorse Biden while her two former female colleagues, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, were still in the race.

When Warren dropped out after Super Tuesday, Harris was at a civil rights event with Rep. John Lewis in Alabama and that’s where she shot the video on the fly with her team.

Harris dropped out of the Democratic presidential race back in December when she and her team concluded that they didn’t have the financial resources to continue in the manner the campaign would have needed to win.