Tory Lanez Tells Fans He Has ‘No Fear’ in Voice Message From Prison

Tory Lanez (Credit: YouTube/Law&Crime Network)

Now that he’s out of county jail, Tory Lanez says he’s in “great spirits” and has “no fear.”

The rapper, born Daystar Peterson, is serving a 10-year sentence at North Kern State Prison in Delano, Calif., for shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the feet.

In a voice message posted on his Instagram account Monday, Lanez told his fans — known as Umbrellas — he’s settling in at the prison, located about 145 miles north of Los Angeles.

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“I’m talking to you live from prison right now. I’m just happy to get out of that bulls–t county jail,” said Lanez, who was transferred from the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles to state prison last week.

“They was hating on the young fly n—a, you heard? Had me on 24-hour lockdown. A half-sized cell by myself, no windows, no mirrors. N—a ain’t even seen himself in a whole year,” Lanez said.

Still, the rapper assured fans being in county jail didn’t break his spirit.

“But with all them disadvantages against me, my head has always been held high, man. I want y’all to know I’m in great spirits, and my drive and ambition is growing stronger and stronger every day,” he said.

Lanez added that he has “no fear” in his heart.

The Canadian hip-hop star was transferred to state prison after a Los Angeles judge rejected his request for bail on Sept. 14, while he appeals his conviction for shooting Megan Thee Stallion on July 12, 2020 in the Hollywood Hills.

Lanez maintained his innocence throughout case, but jurors disagreed and found him guilty in December 2022. He spent the past nine months in county jail.

The rapper was convicted on three felony charges: assault with a semiautomatic firearm, discharging a firearm with gross negligence, and carrying a loaded unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

The judge in the case handed down the sentence on Aug. 8.