Teddy Riley Explains Why He Hasn’t Seen Youngest Son in 3 Years 

Teddy Riley and his children appear on Red Table Talk. (Credit: Facebook Watch)

Legendary music producer Teddy Riley is opening up about a family conflict he says has prevented him from seeing his youngest son for three years.

Riley sat down for a conversation about parental alienation on this week’s episode of Red Table Talk.

Parental alienation is when a parent turns their child against the other parent.

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Riley told the hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris that his ex-girlfriend is keeping him away from their son Michael.

“I’m just hearing from so many different people who told me that his mom’s goal is to keep him away from me, and it really hurts because here’s someone I wanted to marry, I gave everything to. [I was] the first to hold my son. We had a home birth and we had this bond, and it was just so amazing,” Riley said.

The former member of R&B group Guy was joined on RTT by his older children — daughter Nia and son TJ. Riley accused his ex of keeping Michael away from his siblings as well.

“She doesn’t want him to be a part of any of our lives. When I talked to a friend of hers, she said, ‘You really need to try and see your son because his mom is not really handling him right and she’s really trying to keep him away from you, and you probably need to do something about it,’” Riley explained.

He added that he’s currently pursuing custody of his son, but also admitted he’s not paying child support to his estranged ex. Still, he said he’s set up a trust for his son.

“And when he comes on this side, the trust, he’ll be just like them. Good. But as long as she is doing what she’s doing, my trustees are not doing anything. I don’t like conflict. Let’s work it out,” he said.

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Riley previously went public with his battle with his ex in an Instagram post in July, as he marked his son’s birthday.

“This is probably one of the saddest days of my life. It’s my baby son’s birthday today and I haven’t seen him in three years plus,” he captioned the July 17 post.

Watch the episode of Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk below.