T.I. and Tiny Accused of ‘Methodical, Sadistic Abuse’ by Multiple Women

Clifford Harris Jr, Tameka Cottle-Harris at the "Get Hard" Premiere, Chinese Theater, on March 25, 2015 in Hollywood, CA — Photo by bossmoss/Deposit Photos

T.I. and Tiny have been hit with allegations of “methodical, sadistic abuse,” according to the lawyer representing 11 alleged victims accusing the rapper and his songstress wife of various types of wrongdoing.

Tyrone A. Blackburn told reporters during a video press conference Monday that his clients are accusing the T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle stars of sexual abuse, kidnapping, false imprisonment, intimidation, assault, harassment and forced ingestion of narcotics, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Blackburn also asked authorities in California and Georgia to open investigations into the allegations, which span from 2005 to 2018.

The attorney additionally detailed some of the alleged victims’ graphic claims, saying: “They all have various reasons why they took so long to come out. One of the reasons is that they did not think anyone would believe them.”

T.I. and Tiny’s attorney Steve Sadow insists the allegations are false. In a statement he said, “Clifford (T.I.) and Tameka Harris deny in the strongest possible terms these unsubstantiated and baseless allegations. We are confident that if these claims are thoroughly and fairly investigated, no charges will be forthcoming.”

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One of the most vocal accusers has been entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson, who claimed on Instagram in January that the “Whatever You Like” rapper once “put a gun to my head in front of children.” She also tried to round up women through her Instagram stories with additional claims of alleged abuse.

Blackburn mentioned Peterson “opened the door” for victims and “gave them the courage to come forward.”

Due to the wave of sexual abuse accusations, production on T.I. and Tiny’s VH1 reality show was halted last month.