‘SNL’: Darius Trump Makes Supporters ‘Swag Again’ in ‘Them Trumps’ Sketch

“Them Trumps” returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend for what turned out to be a wild political rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The sketch, which re-imagined a Trump campaign rally, asked “What if Donald Trump was black?”

Kenan Thompson reprised his role as President Darius Trump in the digital short. Alex Moffat played a presidential aide, with Chris Redd portraying the president’s son Darius Jr. and Ego Nwodim played his daughter L’evanka.

“Welcome to Pennsylvania, Mr. President,” Moffat said. “Thousands of your supporters have shown up, but this whole impeachment mess has the country on edge. You may have to be careful about what you say.”

“Careful?” an annoyed Thompson asked. “Man please. My people are going to be even more hyped, because they all love Darius Trump.”

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SNL 'The Trumps' Sketch. (Credit: NBC)
“Them Trumps” (Courtesy: NBC)

The sketch cut to the segment’s opening slate announcing: “From the producers of ‘Empire,’ it’s ‘Them Trumps.’ The first show to ax the question — what if Donald Trump was black?”

Moffat warned Thompson “the House Intelligence Committee’s report has some serious accusations in it. The media says the tide is turning against you.”

Thompson’s Darius wasn’t worried and shot back, “The media don’t make or break me. My people will always support me.”

A clueless Darius Jr. then chimed in. “The media is all lies. It’s in my new book,” he quipped in a reference to Donald Trump Jr.’s recently-released book “Triggered,” with a revamped title “The Media Is All Lies.”

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L’evanka assured her dad that he had nothing to worry about. “Come on daddy, don’t even worry about the media. Your supporters didn’t even care when you wanted to have the G7 summit at your presidential nightclub.”

Moffat noted that the support was “amazing,” considering Trump’s right-wing backers didn’t have a history of supporting a black candidate.

“That’s because when they see me, they don’t see color, baby.” Thompson said with swagger. “I’m Darius Trump! I keep it real.”

Darius then stepped up to the microphone in front of the nearly all-white crowd.

“They say I extorted the Ukraine. They say I abused my office and you know what? Maybe I did,” he said to cheers. “Because I will do whatever it takes to win this election. I will pop somebody in the head right on Fifth Avenue with my own gun if I have to.”

Moments later, he slipped up by stating the obvious — he’s black.

“I know you will always have my back, even though I’m black,” he said. The crowd booed and pelted him with red hats.

The sketch cut to a preview for the next episode, complete with an Auto-Tuned theme song.

As “Them Trumps” were hustled out of the arena to safety, Darius insisted in the preview, “I’m the most protected man in the world.”

Once they got outside, the family was met by rioters pounding the president’s car with baseball bats.

“I’ll call an Uber,” Moffat said.

Jennifer Lopez was this weekend’s host, with rapper DaBaby serving as musical guest.