‘SNL’ Envisions Horror Film Based on Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze

Saturday Night Live re-imagined Jordan Peele’s Get Out as a new thriller inspired by the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze.

The sketch titled “Lunch Run” starred this weekend’s host and musical guest, British pop star Harry Styles, as an intern desperate to try the fast food sandwich.

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The eager intern offers to pick up lunch for the entire office, and says he wants chicken.

“From where?” Kenan Thompson asks.

“From Popeyes,” Styles says. “They don’t have one back in England. It’s just like KFC. Right?”

“No. No, it’s not,” Thompson says about the Louisiana-style chicken.

“Well. Either way, I thought I could go there by myself and get 15 chicken sandwiches,” Styles insists.

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The black co-workers are horrified by the thought of a young white guy venturing into a Popeyes, alone.”

“By yourself!” comedian Ego Nwodim says. “You want to go to a Popeyes by yourself, in the middle of the lunch rush, then buy up all the chicken sandwiches?”

“Yep, that’s the plan,” Styles replies.

When Thompson asks if there’s even a Popeyes in the neighborhood, Styles notes that he’s done his homework, sort of.

“Sure. I found one down the street on Frederick Douglass Boulevard,” he says. “It’s right between the liquor store and the Foot Locker.”

The other co-workers, played Melissa Villaseñor and Heidi Gardner, decide they want Popeyes too. But Thompson and Nwodim warn the restaurant is located in a bad neighborhood and a Popeyes run is a terrible idea.

Styles assures them he’ll be fine, because he plans to wear a backpack and trench coat, cut the line, and yell at the Popeyes employees so they know he’s “in a hurry.”

“You’re gonna die,” the office janitor, played by Chris Redd, tells him.

A graphic then pops up on screen revealing the scene is part of a horror film on Disney+ called “White Get Out” starring Harry Styles.

Watch the video above.