‘SNL’: O.J. Simpson ‘Guilty As Charged’ of Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

SNL Covid Vaccine Sketch (Credit: NBC)

O.J. Simpson got a coronavirus vaccine and Kate McKinnon wants to know why.

A day after Simpson shared the news on Twitter that he’d been inoculated, Saturday Night Live mocked The Juice for spilling the details, when so many other people are still waiting for their shots.

The NBC sketch series kicked off the first episode of 2021 with a cold open titled “What Still Works?” It featured Kate McKinnon hosting a talk show about what is and isn’t working in America. She took on a string of hot topics — à la Wendy Williams — including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tom Brady, the GameStock share price saga and the slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

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That was Kenan Thompson’s cue to join McKinnon on set as O.J.

“Joining us is someone who just received the vaccine,” McKinnon said just before Thompson took a seat.

Dressed in a pink shirt, khaki pants, white sneakers and an ankle monitor bracelet, Thompson bragged that he’d been inoculated against the virus.

A perplexed McKinnon had questions, like how Simpson got a vaccine, considering he was tried and acquitted for the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but found liable for both deaths in the civil case. Plus, there was his 2008 conviction on robbery and kidnapping charges for trying to steal back his sports memorabilia.

“Teachers can’t get the vaccine,  but you did?… People with long term lung conditions can’t get the vaccine, but you did?” McKinnon said. “Absolutely,” Thompson replied.

That prompted more questions. “Among the first three percent of all Americans to be given the vaccine was O.J. Simpson???????” McKinnon asked. “Eh, guilty as charged — about the vaccine,” Thompson quipped.

The alarm then went off on his ankle bracelet and he lost it. Seconds later, he reminded himself — “stay cool, Juice.”

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In real life, Simpson used Twitter to encourage his followers to get vaccinated.

“Get your shot. I got mine!!!” he tweeted Friday, along with a picture of himself wearing a mask that said “The Juice” as he got a shot in the arm.

Simpson, 73, was eligible for the vaccine in his home state of Nevada, which has started vaccinating residents age 65 and older.

Watch the SNL cold open below.

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