‘SNL’ Mocks ‘The Blind Side’ Conservatorship Battle

SNL Halloween cold open mocked the subjects of the film The Blind Side. (Credit: NBC)

Saturday Night Live took aim at the legal saga involving the subjects of the film, The Blind Side, in this weekend’s cold open.

The sketch began with SNL regular Mikey Day as President Joe Biden. Day struggled to hang Halloween decorations because of his age and eventually gave up.

After expressing concern about the world being a “scary place,” newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) — played by SNL comic Michael Longfellow walked in. Moments later,  Longfellow’s Johnson was joined by a family member.

“This is my adult Black son, also named Michael,” he said, referring to fellow cast member Devon Walker.

“He guys, I’m his adult Black son,” Walker chimed in. “I’m only 11 years younger than him and I’m kind of a secret.”

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Longfellow shushed Walker before Day asked about the son’s name.

“No one knows his last name. It’s normal,” Longfellow responded.

“Yeah, he always compares our situation to the movie The Blind Side, and everybody knows that story held up great!” Walker quipped.

Oscar-wining actor Christopher Walken also appeared in the sketch as the spirt of Halloween.

For anyone who hasn’t seen The Blind Side, the 2009 film told the supposedly-true story of how Black teen Michael Oher went from homelessness to an All-American football player and NFL draft pick after a White couple took him in.

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(L-R) The Blind Side family Sean Tuohy, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael Oher. (Credit: Instagram/@leighannetuohy)
The Blind Side family. (L-R) Sean Tuohy, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael Oher. (Credit: Instagram/@leighannetuohy)

The Oscar-winning film starred Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, and Quinton Aaron.

In August, Oher filed a bombshell lawsuit in Tennessee, requesting an end to a conservatorship — which he revealed began in 2004 when he was 18.

His petition accused Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy of pretending to adopt him, when instead they convinced him to sign documents making them his conservators.

Oher, 37, alleged the family tricked him out of millions of dollars in royalties from the film after “falsely” claiming to adopt him.

The Tuohys “vehemently” denied Oher’s claim that he wasn’t paid for the movie and fired back with their own court filing.

The filing said Oher received his “full share” or 20 percent of the profits — the same amount as Sean, Leigh Anne and their two biological children.

The couple also said they thought of Oher as a son “in the colloquial sense,” but they “never intended” to legally adopt him.

In September, a judge granted Oher’s request to terminate the conservatorship.

The battle over profits from the film — which made $309 million at the worldwide box office — continues in the courts.

Watch the SNL cold open below:

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