‘SNL’: Kenan Thompson Cooks ‘Big A–‘ Dominican Lunch With Bad Bunny

Kenan Thompson cooked up a “big-ass pot” of Dominican soup this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

The comedian showed off his culinary skills on the “Big Papi Cooking Show” sketch, by bringing back his impression of former Boston Red Sox player David “Big Papi” Ortiz.

Wearing a blue apron emblazoned with the Red Sox logo, Thompson described his dish in detail while speaking in an affected Dominican accent.

“Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘Big Papi, how you gonna make a big Dominican lunch when it’s a quarantine?'” Thompson then answered his own question by saying he would “yimprovise,” and only use ingredients he already had in his kitchen.

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Thompson said his dish of choice would be a seven meat “sancocho” — a thick soup he said he would fill with chicken, ham, ground beef, roasted pig, leg of lamb, lobster, monkey hands, and whale’s tongue. He joked that animal rights group PETA calls the dish “a genocide.”

To make it work, he needed a “big-ass pot” and called his “Puerto Rican cousin Big Bunny” — rapper Bad Bunny. The Latin hip-hop star said he had it all, including a pot that could hold “22 different animals.”

Thompson then teased the next episode and said next time he would make a chicken pot pie.

In another sketch, he played O.J. Simpson and warned “the Juice is loose.” But he said don’t worry, because: “I’ve got my gloves and I’ve  got my mask.”

This was SNL‘s second remote episode, with the comedians taping sketches from their homes amid social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic. Watch Thompson’s O.J. Simpson segment below.