‘SNL’ Makes Mockery of Gorilla Glue Mishap in Bad Hair Sketch

SNL Gorilla Glue Sketch (Credit: NBC)

The nightmare of horrible hair became a reality on Saturday Night Live, when the NBC sketch comedy series took on the saga of “Gorilla Glue Girl.”

Kenan Thompson and this weekend’s guest host, Regina King, opened the sketch as lawyers making a pitch to people thinking about suing Gorilla Glue.

“So it happened to you? Your worst nightmare,” Thompson and King said. “We’ve all been there. You ran out of hair product and you used Gorilla Glue instead!”

“It turned your beautiful, luscious mane into a hard candy shell,” King joked as she pointed to her own shellacked hair.

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The two then introduced themselves as Denzel Commode and Latrice Commode and told anyone who accidentally slicked their hair down with Gorilla Glue they are not alone.

“This is not your fault and you are not dumb,” they said. “Every day, as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue in place of a beauty product, and they deserve compensation,” King noted.

Thompson then told potential clients, “You should not have to go through life with hair like a Lego man because one time you used Gorilla Glue instead of ‘dats wave grease.'”

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They tossed to testimonials from clients played by SNL comedians Ego Nwodim, Chris Redd, Cecily Strong, and Punkie Johnson.

“I ran out of conditioner, so I reached for the next best thing — Gorilla Glue,” Nwodim said. “And before you jokers on the internet say I should have read the damn label, I did. It just says ‘really strong glue’ and ‘dangerous.’ That could mean anything, Gorilla Glue!”

The sketch was inspired by Tessica Brown, a Louisiana woman who went viral after posting a video about the unfortunate mixup when she grabbed a can of Gorilla Glue spray and went to town on her hair.

After a month-long ordeal, she finally escaped her hair horror when a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills removed the adhesive earlier this week. TMZ reported Dr. Michael Obeng performed the “miracle surgery,” valued at $12,500, for free.

Watch the SNL “Gorilla Glue” sketch below.