‘SNL’ Gives Meghan Markle’s ‘Cousin From Compton’ Etiquette Lessons

YouTube video

Saturday Night Live decided to capitalize on the frenzy surrounding the birth of the royal baby with a sketch on royal etiquette.

The skit featured the episode’s host, British actress Emma Thompson, as a hot-tempered royal etiquette coach, with SNL regular Leslie Jones playing her pupil.

The segment starts with Meghan Markle’s relative, played by Jones, traveling to London for the royal baby’s christening.

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SNL Royal Baby Etiquette Skit (Credit: NBC)
The royal etiquette lesson turns violent. (Credit: NBC)

Asked how she’s related to the Duchess of Sussex, Jones replies: “I’m Meghan’s third cousin, Shantay Thomas of the Compton Thomases.”

“Show me where the baby at,” Shantay insists, before being told she must first learn to follow protocol before meeting the newborn.

Enter royal etiquette coach Mrs. Hargrave, “who has never failed.”

“Goodness,” Hargrave says after getting a glimpse of her newest student. “Well, yes. This will be an experiment. Won’t it.”

Hargrave asks Shantay if she’s ever attended high tea. “No, but I’ve had tea while I’m high,” Shantay responds.

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SNL Royal Baby Skit (Credit: NBC)
Shantay finally gets to meet the royal baby. (Credit: NBC)

Shantay is then told to sit — “back straight please, legs together, napkin folded in half with the crease towards you.”

Unfortunately, she struggles to properly stir her tea and Hargrave slaps the cup out of her hand. The cousin from Compton loses it, but Hargrave has the upper hand.

“I’ll gladly do it again if we don’t get it right,” the etiquette coach hisses.

Things go downhill from there with Hargrave slapping Shantay in the face, punching her and pushing her head into a bowl of clotted cream.

The sketch ends with a photo of Shantay wearing a neck brace and two casts, as she stands behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex holding baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

“Shantay Thomas attended the christening of the royal baby and she was a model of decorum,” a voiceover says.