‘SNL’: Chris Redd Calls Out ‘Trash’ Black History Month Celebrations

Chris Redd on Black History Month - SNL (Credit: NBC)

Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Redd had a terrible Black History Month.

“It was trash,” Redd said Saturday on the show’s “Weekend Update” segment. “We lost legends and the coronavirus stole the spotlight. Now I know people that wear protective masks that don’t wear condoms and that’s wild to me. It’s been bad all around.”

Redd then turned his attention to the 2020 presidential race, saying he’s upset that the two main African-American candidates — Kamala Harris and Cory Booker — dropped out.

“Even in politics, we have no representation. Kamala, Cory Booker gone, which means me in debate sketches, gone,” he complained. “The blackest candidate we have left is Joe ‘I got a black friend’ Biden. He’s cool. But listening to that dude talk is like watching an old man parallel park his own thoughts for 20 minutes.”

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Redd was especially upset about the Barnes & Noble special edition books that turned white characters black, boxer Deontay Wilder’s “goofy a–” fight night costume, and the Harriet Tubman Visa card that featured the freedom fighter striking a “Wakanda Forever” pose.

Even more upsetting for the comedian was President Donald Trump’s Black History Month reception at the White House.

“On the last second, y’all tried to sneak one past us,” Redd said about the Feb. 27 gathering. It was attended by Trump-loving duo Diamond & Silk; Candace Owens; Paris Dennard; Pastor Darrell Scott; and Surgeon General Jerome Adams, according to a White House transcript from the event.

Redd expressed outrage over a photo of attendees standing over Trump and praying. “Look at these White House negroes,” he said. “Who are y’all praying to, the ghosts of blackface past?”

The comedian suggested the country give Black History Month a do-over in April because the celebrations in February were a bust.