Shaunie O’Neal Calls Out ‘Fake’ Fans in ‘Basketball Wives’ Promo

Shaunie O'Neal is the star and executive producer of "Basketball Wives." (Credit: VH1)

Shaunie O’Neal clapped back at fake fans in a Basketball Wives Fandemonium video posted on social media Tuesday.

O’Neal, who co-stars and executive produces the series, called out viewers who talk trash about her online, but ask for a picture when they see her in public.

“You really want me to read these tweets? Because everybody has balls online,” Shaunie said in the video. “But if I see them, they go, ‘hey Shaunie girl, can I get a picture?'”

“But I’m fake.” she said with sarcasm.

[Watch the video below]

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The mother of five then read several tweets.

“I really wish Tami and Evelyn could be cordial to each other. It’s so tiring and sad. I feel bad for Shaunie ’cause she is in the middle,” one person tweeted.

“Thank you! Like, somebody gets it.” Shaunie responded. “I try my best.”

She went on to say things have gotten so bad between the two that Tami won’t say Evelyn’s name, and refers to her as “the young lady.”

Another fan threatened to stop watching the VH1 series if her favorite star leaves the show.

“If Shaunie fires Jenn for real, I’ma stop watching. Errrbody know she likes to pull that EP card,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

“Bi-ch bye,” Shaunie responded. “That’s not how this works, okay. Firing, good TV, not how I work, okay?”

Season 8 of the series will see Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn returning along with Jackie, Malaysia and Jennifer.

The new season premieres on Wednesday, June 19 at 8PM ET/PT on VH1.