‘SNL’: Don King, Kanye West Kick Trump to Curb Over Impeachment Woes

SNL Season 45 Premiere featured Alec Baldwin addressing the impeachment scandal. (Credit: NBC)

The 45th season of Saturday Night Live kicked off this weekend with a take on President Donald Trump’s impeachment woes.

In the show’s cold open, Alec Baldwin reprised his Trump impression, with SNL regular Kate McKinnon playing presidential attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

“It’s the greatest presidential harassment of all time. I should know. I’m like the president of harassment,” Baldwin complained to his lawyer about the House inquiry into his attempts to get Ukraine’s president to investigate political rival Joe Biden’s son.

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As Baldwin plotted his escape from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s grip, he got a call from his good buddy Kanye West, played by Chris Redd.

“You remember those pills I was supposed to take?” Redd asked, making fun of West’s mental health issues. “It turns out, I’m supposed to take them every day. Can you believe that?”

Redd then broke the news to Baldwin that he was done. “I don’t think we can be family no more, fam,” Redd said.

Just as Baldwin asked for an explanation, boxing promoter Don King — played by Kenan Thompson — snatched the phone from Redd.

“Only in America,” Thompson said. Baldwin wanted to know if they were having a party without him, and if Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson were there.

“Yes. We were just having an emergency meeting of the black wackadoodles,” Thompson quipped. “We all decided that the whole impeachment thing is hurting our brand.”

Baldwin begged them not to abandon him during this difficult time.

“Don’t bail on me now, I need my urbans,” he said, offending his black friends. Baldwin then took a dig at rapper A$AP Rocky, who was recently released from a Swedish jail after being convicted of assault.

“Kanye, just tell me who you want out of jail this time. A$AP Rocky again, or how about that little girl Teriyaki 69?” Baldwin said, referring to rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who’s currently in federal prison after pleading guilty to racketeering, gun and drug charges.

When Thompson hung up the phone, Baldwin turned to the one person who might be able to fix the situation — Ray Donovan actor Liev Schreiber.

“I told you Mr. President, Ray Donovan is a fictional character,” the Showtime star told Baldwin about his Hollywood fixer character. “I’m Liev Schreiber, the actor.”