‘The O.C.’ Star Samaire Armstrong Calls BLM ‘Terrorist Organization’ in Pro-Trump Rant

Samaire Armstrong at the "King Arthur Legend of the Sword" World Premiere on the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on May 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. (Credit: Shutterstock)

The O.C. actress Samaire Armstrong has gone all in for President Trump. Armstrong shared a series of posts this week on Instagram praising Trump and blasting Black Lives Matter.

In a post on Tuesday, she called BLM “a terrorist organization,” and suggested the group attacks free speech. Still, she said she wasn’t afraid to criticize the activists.

“It’s ok to speak out against the fascist, far left mob. Call a spade, a spade. No more pandering to their hurt feelings and ‘safes spaces,'” she wrote.

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The actress, whose other credits include Resurrection and The Mentalist, claimed she supports Black lives just not BLM.

“Black lives, they matter!!” she wrote. “However, BLM is a billion dollar domestic terrorist organization.”

She added: “We, you and me, and every American of ALL RACE, CULTURE, COLOR, BACK GROUND, and HERITAGE, have the ability to stand up for what is right.”


While some of Armstrong’s followers praised her in the comments section, others took her to task.

“Sad to see how far down the rabbit hole you have fallen,” one person wrote.

“Oh no baby what is u doin?” someone else replied.

“So don’t vote for Biden or things will be worse than they are now?” another person added.

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A day later, Armstrong uploaded a seven minute video to Instagram blasting Democrats and praising Trump. She captioned the post: “I’m voting #Trump2020, and this is why.”

In the video, she said Democrats Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are “out of their minds.”

“They have been in politics, some of them almost 50 years, and are the reason for all of this systemic racism and injustice,” the actress said. “If you continue to vote for them and keep them in place, then I’m sorry, you’re part of the problem.”

Armstrong then claimed former President Barack Obama did nothing for the country.

“Oh, Obama, our first Black President, this is so awesome… ” she said mockingly. “What did he do? What was his success other than being a Black President? Did Chicago get any better?”