R. Kelly Accuser Azriel Clary Tells Gayle King ‘I Was Lost’

Azriel Clary interview with Gayle King. (Credit: CBS News)

Two years after she sat down for a heated interview with Gayle King, R. Kelly accuser Azriel Clary has spoken with the CBS newscaster again.

The follow-up conversation titled Love Doesn’t Hurt: R. Kelly Survivor Speaks began streaming Monday, Oct. 4 on the Paramount+ platform.

Clary, now 23, was underage age when she began seeing Kelly. She was one of two women who lived with the singer at his home in Chicago.

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Kelly, 54, was convicted on Sept. 27 of racketeering and sex trafficking. Clary testified against the singer-songwriter and is now sitting down for her first interview since the trial.

She told King she regrets being drawn into Kelly’s world.

“I was lost, and I felt invisible, and I gave someone that control over me to basically make me do whatever it was that they wanted me to do and act however they wanted me to act,” Clary said in the new interview.

Clary and Joycelyn Savage previously spoke with King in March 2019. The two vigorously defended Kelly at the time and criticized their concerned parents. But Clary says R. Kelly told them exactly what to say.

“Before that interview, he had us practicing every single day,” she explained. “If he didn’t like our answer, he would tell us exactly what to say and how to say it.”

Clary also said in the new interview that she and Savage had no access to social media while living with Kelly.

“Everything that we heard, it came from him,” she told the CBS Mornings host. “If it wasn’t true, we wouldn’t know.”

Clary revealed she was barred from talking to or looking at other men in the five years she was with R. Kelly. “Even if I was out shopping… I could have been in a store for a whole hour, and the people who cash you out could have changed. If a man came in, put everything down, leave the store now,” she said.

Watch the clips below from Gayle King’s interview with Azriel Clary.