Peacock Announces Casey Anthony Docuseries – Sparking Swift Backlash

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies (Credit: Peacock)

Casey Anthony will sit down for her first TV interview since she was acquitted of killing her toddler daughter in 2011, Peacock announced Tuesday.

The interview has been packaged into a three-part documentary series titled Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.

Anthony’s 2-year-old daughter Caylee was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, by her maternal grandmother in July 2008. The little girl’s remains were found near the Anthony family’s home in December 2008.

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Casey was charged with first-degree murder. In 2011, a jury acquitted her of murder but found her guilty of providing false statements to police. She served three years in prison.

Peacock says the docuseries is told through Anthony’s account of the investigation, her trial, and the time she spent in prison.

On Tuesday morning the streamer released the trailer on Twitter. It shows Anthony primping from the camera just before the interview begins. Someone off camera asks: “Why talk to me now when you are not getting creative control?” The video ends before she answers.

The trailer post garnered over 1,500 likes. There were also more than 3,200 replies and many of them were negative, with critics calling Peacock out for giving Anthony a platform and potentially putting money in her pockets.

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“Gross. Literally NO ONE wants to see or hear from her. Ever,” one person replied to the post.

“Yikes! Not a great idea. Who gave this a green light? We need to stop obsessing over these awful people,” someone else tweeted.

“Why give her a platform to lie? We all know she’s guilty. This is just giving her attention. It’s gross,” another person replied.

Meanwhile a Peacock subscriber tweeted, “If this airs, I will quite literally cancel my Peacock subscription and NEVER renew it for as long as I live. I know I’m one single person, but this is gross and I won’t support it.”

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Some media outlets also criticized the streamer.

The A.V. Club posted an article calling the series “ill-advised,” adding that Peacock is “scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

The New York Post published a story on the upcoming series calling Anthony “Monster Mom” in the headline.

Peacock said in a press release the docuseries will “feature Casey’s personal archives, behind the scenes footage and the defense’s evidence” — which usually means money was exchanged for rights to the materials.

The series is produced by Blue Ant Studios and directed by Alexandra Haggiag Dean. Executive Producers are Tamra Simmons, Ebony Porter-Ike, Laura Michalchyshyn and Sam Sniderman. Co-executive producers include Chanel Hudson-O’Connor, Katie Turley-Molony

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies premieres Nov. 29.