Pat Robertson (Surprisingly) Calls for Justice for Daunte Wright and George Floyd

Pat Robertson on the 700 Club on Thursday, April 15, 2021. (Credit: CBN)

Suddenly woke televangelist Pat Robertson believes it’s time for police officers to stop killing Black men and using excessive force.

On Thursday, while discussing the fatal police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the conservative 700 Club host questioned how it was possible for veteran officer Kim Potter to “mistake” her taser for her service gun.

“There’s just no comparison,” Robertson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), as he held up a taser and a gun. He then pointed out the weapons are two different colors and weights.

“Now, how she made the difference when she shot that poor guy to death … and if you can’t tell the difference between the feel of those things, it’s crazy,” he said.

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The 91-year-old CBN founder added that he is a police supporter, but told viewers he could not condone the killing of Wright.

“I am pro-police, folks!” he said. “I think we need the police, we need their service and they do a good job, but if they don’t stop this onslaught, they cannot do this.”

Robertson also mentioned the December 2020 encounter, in which two Windsor, Virginia officers were recorded pointing their guns at U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario and allegedly using a slang term to suggest he was facing execution. Nazario, who is Black and Latino, was in uniform at the time. He filed a lawsuit earlier this month.

“The police in Virginia picked up a lieutenant in the Army and began to give him trouble and our state police are highly trained, but why don’t they stop this,” Robertson pondered.

He went on to criticize former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin who is on trial for killing George Floyd.

“This thing that’s going on with Derek Chauvin, they ought to put him under the jail,” Robertson said. “This thing has caused so much trouble by kneeling on the death of George Floyd, I mean his neck. It’s just terrible what’s happening, and the police, why don’t they open their eyes to what the public relations are, they’ve got to stop this stuff.”