OWN’s ‘Ladies Who List: Atlanta’ Premiere Tests Friendships and Business Plans

Ladies Who List Atlanta (Credit: OWN)

Ladies Who List: Atlanta premiered Friday night on OWN and introduced six ladies shaking up Atlanta’s real estate market.

The episode started with luxury real estate broker Quiana Watson and realtor Kira Oliver relaxing by Quiana’s pool while discussing their business goals for the new year. Quiana shared a personal story about how she rose from growing up in the projects to eventually become one of Atlanta’s most visible and top-producing real estate professionals.

Next, the series introduced the friendship between real estate broker Robin Andrade and closing attorney Cristyl Kimbrough.

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After helping two YouTube stars sign the contract for their first home, Andrade told Cristyl she was thinking of starting her own all-Black women powerhouse brokerage.

Andrade asked, “What if we create the biggest, baddest brokerage Atlanta has ever seen?” Cristyl responded, “You guys would dominate.”

In the next scene, Cristyl admitted she has issues with Robin’s business plan.

“Robin definitely has trust issues with other women,” she said in a confessional. “So I am not so sure, but I am going to give it a shot.”

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Things got tense between the two women when Cristyl gave Robin her two cents about Robin’s history of being in business with other women. 

The attorney cautioned Robin that she doesn’t “play in the sandbox very well” with other successful women, which Robin found offensive. 

“I’m proposing business, what are you talking about?” Robin said.

“No, just,” Cristyl said as she made a hand motion for Robin to tone it down. 

Robin reacted by raising her voice and Cristyl asked her, “can you run a business with these ladies?” 

Robin and Cristyl continued to argue and the closing attorney told her friend to “respect her office.”

Also featured in the episode were real estate attorney Tiffani Hawes and luxury agent Tiana Harrison, who bonded over discussing balancing motherhood and work. 

During the episode, Sistas actress Crystal Hayslett toured a potential home worth $3 million with her broker Quiana and Cristyl as the closing attorney. Quiana and Cristyl talked about Robin’s dinner invite to have the women sit down and discuss going into business together. Quiana was cautious and told Cristyl that Robin wasn’t helpful when she was trying to open her own brokerage during the pandemic. 

At a broker’s open house, Quiana discussed a dinner invite with Kira, Tiffani and Tiana and the other women had less-than-stellar reviews about Robin.

“You know, I know Robin. I knew who I thought she was, so it’s very interesting that she would want to collaborate with me,” Quiana told the ladies.  

At the end of the episode, things heated up again when Robin and Cristyl met in a park to try to hash out what went wrong between them at Cristyl’s office.

Eventually the ladies came to an understanding and talked about their upcoming dinner to bring up Robin’s business proposal to the rest of the group.

Watch a clip below of Robin and Cristyl discussing whether or not Robin can handle running a business with other successful women.

Ladies Who List: Atlanta airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.