‘Never Let Go’ Trailer: Halle Berry Fights to Protect Her Family From Evil

Anthony B. Jenkins as Samuel, Halle Berry as Momma and Percy Daggs IV as Nolan in Never Let Go. Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Lionsgate

Halle Berry fights to protect her family from evil forces in the upcoming film Never Let Go.

Lionsgate released the trailer for the horror thriller on Thursday, May 16.

The footage shows Berry as “Momma” with her twin sons (played by Percy Daggs IV and Anthony B. Jenkins). An agitated Momma tells her sons the world has ended and the only way to safely leave their house is if they are tethered together with a long rope.

“The evil out there is clever. One touch without the rope is all it takes,” the Oscar-winning actress says. “Never let go.”

“That rope is your lifeline!” she warns the boys.

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But when one of her sons questions if the evil is real, “the ties that bind them together are severed, triggering a terrifying fight for survival,” the official description says.

The film comes from French director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Crawl) and the creative team behind Stranger Things and Arrival.

The script was written by KC Coughlin and Ryan Grassby.

Berry serves as an executive producer alongside Holly Jeter, Daniel Clarke, Emily Morris, Christopher Woodrow, and Connor DiGregorio.

Last month at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, Berry said the film will have viewers “on the edge of their seat.”

The film is produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, Dan Levine and Alexandre Aja.

Never Let Go arrives in theaters on September 27.

Watch the trailer below:

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