NeNe Leakes Gives Update on Son Brentt Two Months After He Suffered Stroke

NeNe Leakes and son Brentt Leakes (Credit: Instagram)

NeNe Leakes announced her son has gone home from the hospital after he suffered a stroke in September.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared the update on her Instagram Stories Wednesday, saying 23-year-old Brentt Leakes has learned to walk again and continues to improve.

“Yay! You’re walking out,” NeNe said in a Nov. 23 video that showed Brentt leaving the hospital. “Isn’t that great?”

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He walked by a reception desk and stopped to hug one of the nurses. “We love you, Brentt!” the nurse said.

“I’m so happy for you,” NeNe told her son. She included pictures and videos of him in physical therapy sessions as he worked to get better.

“Oh my God, you have no idea how Brentt came in here. Two months later, Brentt is walking out,” the proud mom said.

“Home just in time for the holidays,” she wrote in the captions. “To God be the Glory.”

She also shared photos of Brentt with the hospital’s nursing staff and wrote, “Nurses are the best.”

Brentt went into congestive heart failure and suffered a stroke on Sept. 26.

NeNe Leakes shared this picture of her son Brentt in a Nov. 23 Instagram post. (Credit: Instagram)
NeNe shared this picture of Brentt in the hospital. (Credit: Instagram)

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NeNe released a video statement on Oct. 10, confirming her son was hospitalized. She noted that Brentt is only 23 and asked her friends and fans to “just keep us in your prayers.”

The Glee alum explained that she planned to keep Brentt’s medical emergency private, but released details after TMZ revealed he was hospitalized.

That same day she released a video, saying: “This is not the way I wanted it to come out. We wanted to be able to talk about it ourselves when Brentt was in a better place. So, here I am because I would rather the correct thing be out there than something that’s not correct.”

She said doctors initially suspected Brentt’s illness was caused by drugs or a serious infection, but neither was the case.

“Brentt doesn’t drink or do drugs. And obviously they’ve tested him for all of those things,” she said in October. “They also tested him for HIV. They were thinking that maybe he had caught COVID and he didn’t know that he had COVID.”

It’s unclear if doctors have determined what caused his medical emergency.

Brentt’s hospitalization came one year after his father, Gregg Leakes, died at age 66 following a battle with colon cancer.