Monica Stops Concert to Confront Man Who ‘Punched’ Female Fan in Face

Monica stopped a concert in Detroit on July 22, 2023, to confront a man who reportedly hit a woman in the face. (Credit: YouTube/CrimeInTheD)

A Monica concert took an unexpected turn this weekend, when the “So Gone” singer jumped off the stage and confronted a man who reportedly punched a female fan in the face.

Several attendees recorded the incident, which happened Saturday (July 22) at Detroit’s Riverfront Music Festival and posted the videos on social media.

In footage shared on Instagram by The Shade Room, Monica suddenly stopped singing and said, “No! Don’t you hit her like that.”

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“The Boy Is Mine” artist then said to security, “Listen, if y’all don’t get that n—a up out of here, we don’t even f–ing play like that. You don’t hit no lady like that. N—a, is you out of your f–king mind?”

As she held onto her microphone, the Grammy-winning singer pushed through the crowd and approached the man. Fans and security formed a protective barrier around Monica as people in the crowd yelled “get that punk ass n—a out of here” to the man.

Security escorted Monica back to the stage. Moments later, the singer told concert attendees she was sorry for reacting the way she did.

“I want to apologize y’all. That sh-t triggered me, I saw him punch that lady in the face and I lost my sh-t,” she said. “I was gonna knock [his] ass out with this f–ing mic.”

The Riverfront Music Festival later released a statement and thanked Monica “for her courage.”

“First and foremost, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Monica for her courage and decisive intervention during an unfortunate incident at our Festival. Her actions demonstrated a commitment to the safety and respect of her fans, reinforcing our belief that she is not just an extraordinary talent, but an extraordinary individual as well,”  festival spokesperson Andrus Macdonald told the Detroit Metro Times.

“We are truly saddened that an event meant to bring joy and unity to our community was marred by an act of violence. We strongly condemn any form of violence, particularly against women, and we are actively working with local law enforcement to ensure that the individual involved is held accountable,” the statement continued.

Video of Monica confronting the man is below, a warning it contains strong language. The main image above is courtesy of the CrimeInTheD YouTube channel.