‘Maxine’s Baby’ Documentary Trailer Takes Intimate Look at Tyler Perry’s Life (Video)

Tyler Perry in 'Maxine's Baby' Trailer

Nearly a decade in the making, a new documentary about Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry is finally making its way to the screen.

Prime Video released the trailer for the upcoming documentary, Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, on Tuesday (Oct. 17).

The film focuses on Perry’s journey in Hollywood as he overcomes issues in his personal life — from a strained relationship with his abusive father, to having to watch his mother “slowly dying” as an adult.

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The trailer begins with Perry standing backstage before a big event. A voice off-screen asks the filmmaker how he’s feeling.

“My problem with a lot of things in life is I can float above it. That’s just from childhood, from abuse,” Perry says, as childhood photos flash across the screen. “So, every moment, it’s like, ‘You’re okay, you’re safe.’ It’s just the emotion. It’s just feeling. It’s love.”

The trailer reveals he was born Emmitt Perry Jr., but changed his name to Tyler Perry due to his difficult relationship with his father.

“I just could not understand how this man could look at me and hate me with such passion,” Perry says.

His problems at home weren’t the only obstacles he’d face. As he began working in Hollywood, Perry dealt with many critics. “I had all these people tell me what I would never be. Nobody said what I could be,” he says.

The trailer also includes commentary from fellow celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey, who is a close mentor and friend of the Madea’s Family Reunion star.

“Do not play him small because he is not just some lucky Negro-turned-Black man,” Winfrey says.

Gayle King also adds her opinion of Perry: “There was no denying the talent and the power of Tyler Perry.”

The trailer ends on a heartfelt note, featuring a scene of Perry’s mother Maxine. “I just want to tell you how blessed I am to have a son like you,” she says.

Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story is directed by Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz. The film is produced by Bekele, Jasmine K. White and Asante White.

The documentary releases on Prime Video on Nov. 17.

Watch the trailer below.