Protester Injured, Police Cars Damaged at LA Demonstration Over George Floyd Killing

Los Angeles George Floyd Protest (Credit: ABC7)

What started as a peaceful protest Wednesday evening in downtown Los Angeles eventually spiraled out of control after hundreds of people took to the streets for a demonstration over the death of George Floyd.

The protest, organized by Black Lives Matter, began around 4 p.m. near City Hall. The crowd was later seen marching to the 101 Freeway, where two California Highway Patrol cruisers arrived at the scene and attempted to stop protesters from blocking traffic.

Helicopter footage from ABC7 showed a large group of individuals attacking and throwing objects at the CHP cruisers, resulting in both of the vehicles getting their rear windows smashed.

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One person jumped on the hood of a patrol car and rode it for a few seconds before the vehicle took off, which caused the protester to fall off and hit the ground.

The demonstration was in response to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. A viral video that recently surfaced on the Internet showed Floyd in police custody with an officer’s knee on his neck while he was handcuffed and on the ground – resulting in Floyd’s death.

The Minneapolis Police Department has fired the four officers who were involved with the call.

“When I saw the video of George Floyd getting murdered in cold blood, I’ve never felt anything like that in my life, man,” A protester named Wesley Smith told ABC7. “To know there’s so many people just trying to do the right thing and just make a life and live, and the police brutality that continues to happen to black people over and over in this country is unacceptable.”

In a tweet posted on Wednesday evening, the LAPDHQ Twitter account sent out a message in response to the protest.

“Earlier we saw people on the streets of Downtown L.A., at times going onto the 101 freeway, to protest the death of George Floyd. We hear your anger & your pain. We will always facilitate freedom of speech. Period. All we ask is that protests are held in a safe & legal manner,” the account tweeted.

Authorities said that while no arrests were made during the protest, the CHP will determine if they will pursue any charges for the shattered windows of the patrol vehicles.