Loni Love Addresses Rumors She’s Getting Fired From ‘The Real’

(Credit: The Real)

The internet was buzzing with whispers Loni Love could soon get fired from The Real, but Loni warned don’t believe everything you read online.

The actress, comedian and talk show co-host addressed the chatter on Monday’s episode of The Real after a gossip blog posted a story over the weekend with the headline: “Loni Love Expected to be FIRED from ‘The Real’ … Replace Her … With a WHITE GIRL.”

Loni set the record straight, saying the story was “totally not true.”

Though she admitted she was blindsided by the post and the reaction to it.

“I didn’t know it was coming,” Loni said as an image of the report was shown on a screen behind her.

Still, Loni said she got a kick out of the story and even reposted it on social media.

“I think it’s funny,” she quipped. “I knew it wasn’t true.”

(Credit: The Real)
Loni addressed the report and asked why it brought up race. (Credit: The Real)

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Then she got a few laughs from the studio audience when she made fun of Clueless actress
Stacey Dash and disgraced civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal.

“What white girl could replace me? Chelsea Handler, Stacey Dash, Rachel Dolezal?” Loni joked.

Her co-hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton couldn’t stop laughing.

Adrienne added, “We obviously live in the day and age of obviously, blogs don’t have to have journalistic integrity. They can literally write anything.”

Tamera chimed in, “And people believe it.”

“Who would even say something like that?” Jeannie added.

“But we as people have to be smarter than that,” Adrienne continued. “You can’t just believe everything that you read.”

(Credit: The Real)
Adrienne said blogs can sometimes stretch the truth. (Credit: The Real)

Loni then revealed several celebrities heard about the story and contacted her to voice their concern.

“Deion Sanders. He was like ‘wait a minute.’ Thank you Deion. I love that. And also, Sheryl Underwood called me. I thought that was really nice, from The Talk. Thank you so much Sheryl.”

Tamera said the hosts of The Talk just sent flowers to congratulate the ladies after The Real won the Daytime Emmy Award last month for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts.

Check out Loni’s reaction to the story below.