Kanye West Berates Photographer on Hollywood Walk of Fame for ‘Dumba–‘ Question

Kanye West confronted a TMZ photographer on Monday, Jan. 29. 2024. (Credit: YouTube)

Monday was “Charlie Wilson Day” in Hollywood, yet Kanye West managed to briefly snatch attention away from the 71-year-old R&B icon.

West, who now goes by Ye, made his way down Hollywood Boulevard to Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony and snatched a TMZ photographer’s phone for asking a “dumba–” question.

The Shade Room posted video of the Jan. 29 incident on Instagram. The footage showed the female photographer approaching West and asking him if he’s “controlling” his wife, Bianca Censori, as some gossip sites have suggested.

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We’re not sure how the photographer even recognized West, because he was wearing a black mask that covered his entire face, with a black leather jacket and gloves —  in 80 degree weather.

“People want to know if Bianca has her free will, some people are saying you’re controlling…” the photographer said seconds before West grabbed her phone from her hand.

[Watch the video below]

Someone nearby could be heard trying to de-escalate the situation.

“I don’t care,” West said. “Don’t go asking no dumbass sh-t. I’m a person. Are you crazy? You got kids?”

“No,” the TMZ photographer responded.

“Exactly. What do you do? Who do you work for? West asked.

TMZ,” the woman responded.

The “Power” rapper then criticized the photographer and TMZ for “trying to set celebrities up.”

“You think because you’re white, you can ask me some dumba– sh-t like that?” West said. “I’m a legend, I’m here to support Charlie Wilson and you come ask me some dumba– s–t about my wife. That’s my wife.”

The TMZ photographer pleaded with West to return her phone.

“No, no, no. Answer the question,” West said. “I’m a grown a– superhero.”

Security from the Walk of Fame ceremony stepped in and tried to intervene, but West continued to berate the photographer.

“What’s your name? What’s your address? What do you make a year? I’ll pay you double what they’re paying you. You want to work for me instead?” the rapper continued.

The photographer didn’t respond. Two LAPD officers walked over and West gave the woman her phone. She thanked him at the end of the video and walked away.

TMZ posted a story about the incident and admitted the photographer’s question was “unartfully phrased.”

The Walk of Fame ceremony went on as planned — with friends, family and fellow artists including, Jimmy Jam, Babyface, and Snoop Dogg, honoring Wilson.

Watch the video of Kanye West and the photographer below.