Judge Lynn Toler Launching Relationship Series ‘Commit or Quit’ on WE tv

Judge Lynn Toler will headline a new relationship series titled Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler on WE tv.

The reality show will focus on couples in crisis who turn to Toler for guidance on whether they should stay together, get married, or break up for good, WE tv said in a press release Monday.

The one-hour show premieres in May, with eight episodes that will put couples under Toler’s microscope before she ultimately offers a verdict on their relationships.

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Here’s the official description: “Each couple’s home will be installed with surveillance cameras, so Judge Lynn Toler will be able to monitor their every interaction, including the disagreements and the makeups. Through a combination of life experiences, judicial wisdom, street smarts, cutting edge technology, and the sworn testimony of those closest to the couples, Judge Toler will carefully review each case (relationship) before revealing the ultimate verdict.”

Toler received her bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Harvard University in 1981 and her Doctorate in Law from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1984. She was elected judge of The Cleveland Heights Municipal Court and served there for more than eight years. Currently, she is a co-host on WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp.

In 2006, she became the host of the nationally syndicated Divorce Court and remained there until 2020, but exited the series after 13 seasons in 2020. At the time, a source close to the show told Urban Hollywood 411 that Toler’s departure came after a dispute over pay.

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Her new series Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler premieres Thursday, May 12 at 10pm ET on WE tv.

The series is produced for WE tv by Thinkfactory Media, an ITV America company, and executive produced by Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Tim Cohen-Laurie, Vanessa Butler and Brad Hurtado. Executive Producers for WE tv are EVP of Development and Original Programming, Lauren P. Gellert, SVP of Original Programming and Development, David Stefanou and VP of Development, Angela Molloy.

Below are details on the couples, per WE tv.

· London (37) and Andre (48) – Married 6 months
London and Andre met 7 years ago at a bar in Chicago. After a 5-year on-again, off-again love affair, the two lost touch and went years without speaking. Last year, feeling like he was getting older, Andre decided that it was time to settle down and believed London was the one. After surprising her in Las Vegas, Andre proposed, and in less than 2 weeks the two got married. Now, 6 months later, both are questioning if they made the right decision. The two can’t seem to get along long enough to fix their marriage, they’re easily annoyed with each other, and they fight over every little thing. London accuses Andre of deliberately doing/saying things to get under her skin while Andre doesn’t know how much more he can take of London’s hot-head personality. They need Judge Toler’s help NOW, before more damage is done.

· Ayanna (46) and Brian (36) – Married 3 years
The couple met 4 years ago at a party. The two instantly hit it off and got married in a small ceremony. While they love each other very much, the two have had issues from the beginning, including: cultural differences, age gap, and lifestyle differences. They’ve also undergone fertility issues and aren’t sure if having a baby is in the picture for them. Ayanna and Brian desperately want to save their marriage, but they’re also willing to walk away for good if Judge Lynn feels like these unresolved feelings of resentment are too big to overcome.

· Ashanti (25) and Christopher (37) – Dating Almost 2 Years
After snooping through each other’s phone’s, a year ago, they found messages/evidence of their partner communicating with the opposite sex. After taking a break and agreeing not to date anyone, Ashanti broke the agreement as payback. Now, buried under a mountain of mistrust on both parts, Ashanti and Chris are trying to rekindle the spark they once had, rebuild their relationship, and regain each other’s trust. They need Judge Toler’s help to decided if they truly have a future together, or if it’s time to let this relationship go for good.

· Antoine (36) and Kieyesia (41) – 6 Years Dating
Antoine and Kieyesia met on social media when Antoine slid into her DMs 6 years ago and the two have been together ever since. Unfortunately, the relationship has been anything but smooth. Antoine’s ex-fiancé, and mother of his child, continues to bud into their relationship. On top of all of the baby mama drama, Antoine’s social media persona is a source of contention for Kieyesia and she doesn’t like that she is completely absent from his world. He thinks she isn’t on his level and after 6 years of dating, both are starting to wonder if their relationship has a future. Unable to pull the trigger themselves, they need Judge Toler to come in and decide as neither are willing to go another 6 years stuck in the same place.