John Boyega Says No One Has Heard From Jamie Foxx Since Actor’s Hospitalization: ‘Come on Jamie!’

John Boyega and Jamie Foxx (Credit: Netflix and Shutterstock)

The stars of They Cloned Tyrone sent Jamie Foxx positive thoughts from the red carpet this week in Miami.

The Netflix sci-fi thriller premiered at the American Black Film Festival on Wednesday (June 14).

The film’s stars John Boyega and Teyonah Parris walked the arrivals line and said they were thinking of Foxx as he recovers from an undisclosed medical emergency.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Parris said it was an “honor” to work with Foxx and she was sending the actor wishes for “recovery and healing.”

“He’s so generous as an actor and as a human, along with John. I got lucky to be able to work with such dope men on this project, and dope men of color,” she shared.

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Boyega admitted he missed Foxx, but said he understood why his friend couldn’t make it.

“I know he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with, and we just wish him all the best,” Boyega said.

The British actor revealed he’s been reaching out to Foxx ever since a medical crisis sent him to the hospital on April 11, but so far he hasn’t heard back.

“I’ve been calling, I’m just gonna keep on calling,” the Star Wars actor said. “He better pick up. Come on Jamie!”

Boyega also shared a story from the film shoot, saying fans love the Ray actor.

“I have to put Jamie Foxx on blast,” Boyega said in a separate interview. “I remember we were on set, and we were filming in an area of Atlanta on public streets, kind of disturbing the local neighborhood.”

He recalled the residents weren’t happy, until they spotted Foxx.

“A crowd comes out, thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ They probably didn’t get our notice letters that we would be filming,” Boyega said. “Jamie Foxx himself steps out and just starts to entertain the crowd. He does stand-up, he has a boombox with his music on it… by the time Jamie had done his thing, they were like, ‘Cool, you lot can film. You lot can shoot here.'”

Boyega added, “It’s just really inspiring to see somebody who has achieved so much and doesn’t allow that to get to them, in terms of interacting with their audience.”

They Cloned Tyrone is Foxx’s first movie to debut since the actor was hospitalized for what his daughter Corrine Foxx described as a “medical complication” in a statement on Instagram.

The film also stars David Alan Grier, J. Alphonse Nicholson and Kiefer Sutherland, and centers on a government conspiracy to clone people in a Black neighborhood.

The thriller will be released Friday, July 21, 2023 on Netflix.