Isaiah Washington Dumps Democrats, Comes Out as Trump Supporter

Isaiah Washington Appears on Fox Nation (Credit: Fox)

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has come out in support of President Donald Trump, and compared African Americans who don’t to someone “addicted to crack.”

A few days ago, the actor did an interview with Fox Nation’s Nuff Said with Tyrus. A previous member of the Democratic party, Washington said he decided to “walk away” because Democrats have done “very little” to help the Black community.

“If I look at the political literature of the Democratic party over the last 50 years of my lifetime, since I was five and I’m 55, and very little has changed in my community, and just two blocks over from where I am right now, then I have some questions, I got more than questions,” he said. “Now I have evidence.”

Washington said other entertainers feel the same way he does about the Democratic party, but are afraid to go public.

“You got a lot of conservative or centric libertarian-minded people that really care about other people but they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that’s not in line with the Democratic party,” he explained.

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The actor told Tyrus he recently visited the White House to celebrate the First Step Act, a new bipartisan prison reform bill that reduces sentences and helps former prisoners re-enter society.

Washington’s interview generated a lot of reaction and some criticism on social media. He responded Thursday with a tweet comparing Black Democrats to crack addicts.

“I dated a woman that was addicted to crack,” Washington tweeted. “I became addicted to trying to save her. She stole from me and disappeared for days, worrying me to death. I really loved her and when I tried to reason with her to get her help, she refused, berated & attacked me much like Black Dems.”

The actor says he voted for Barack Obama “twice,” but insisted he received no “support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda” from the former president.

Washington supports the #WalkAway movement, a social media campaign that encourages members of the Democratic party to leave it, according to the group’s website.

As for Trump, he says, “I’m going to support the policy over the person.”